I have a dog caught in a fly trap ~ oil is needed or peanutbutter!


Out of the blue our dog Joey came running into the kitchen, reacting like he was stung by a bee. ( not like Amber Heard said during the court case against Johnny Depp, but while writing this, I had a laugh about the sentence )
Ofcourse we had to catch him by pulling him aside near the table. The fact that our hands glued to the fur, gave away what was happening right under our noses.

the reason for all the panic and stickeyness

Joey had the fly trap we had in the house in his fur! It was making him crazy and the fact that the strip is 1 meter long that gave me a scare aswell. Cutting with a scissors was not possible because the glue made the scissor not workable. For those of you reading who don’t know what a fly trap is , it’s a long paper with sticky glue on it to catch flies. It was completely tangled in his fur. Probably because it was on the floor , because it fell from the hook or he walked along side the fly trap and it glued to his fur, causing him to react and role on his back with the worst outcome.


Here you see the yellow paper and the color of the glue in his fur on the side of his body. For those of you who don’t know, we have two Gordon setter with a lot of black fur.


I tried everything and my mind was racing trying to come up with the solution. On the package there is nothing that says what to do when a trap is caught in hair. Pets of kids! I tried internet for a solution, and ofcourse mrs. Google had answers. Use oil, peanutbutter of detergent.


Here you see the strip all over his belly area.


I took out the carbonell olive oil from the kitchen cabinet, that I cook with and got outside, where hubs was comforting really scared Joey. He also was trying to lick it off and the things are poisoness.


I poured as much oil on the strip and the fur around and was slippery in a few seconds, BUT IT WORKS.
So i dont have to try the peanut butter tip. The detergent i will use for the rinsing of the fur, later on.


I also took a comb because all the things on the floor stocked to the fur at this moment, like sand and leaves from the garden.


Little D is helping and the warm water is making Joey relax a little bit more. The oil smell is huge and I didn’t like it very much at the amount we are using.


He looks sad, but surrenders to it being done while he stands there.


D is doing a lot of work, and feels with his furry brother.


Now its time for soap, detergent and cream rinse. This part smells superb!


Huis fur is shining in the evening sun, and after 40 minutes he is almost ready.


Still undergoing this ordeal and thinking of a bone when he is finished.


On his ear is a part of his fur that needs to be cut of, to much tangling. Not a problem at all. But it did made me decide to buy a Tondeuse, a clipper electronic that will take of the top part of the fur. Normally the groomer takes care of that but she is on holiday and the next appointment is in september so now i can do it myself.


When Joey was finished, we decided to wash Charlie aswell. That would taje about 5-10 minutes because he didn’t have the sticky glue in his fur. And he stocked his tongue out, I don’t know if that was to me or because he loved being washed hahahah…..


He just had to stand there while we washed him.


Finally I took the comb and went through a silky soft fur from both and they looked so sweet.


Much smaller than when they are dry, but sweet. And I think also relieved that the ordeal was over and he had no pain anymore.
I gave Joey a bowl of milk, to nutrilize the part that went inside because he licked some of and his whiskers and lips were on this aswell. He loves milk. So thats the evening right there hahahha, but like always also in the daily things there is blog.


Thank you mum, i feel ok again ,
Just sleepy and need to dry.

From me, D and Joey, enjoy your day,
and stay away from the fly traps!

Untill we read again,
Thanks for stopping by,
its appreciated and remember always focus on being creative
instead of being bee-zy.
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Date : 15 july 2022



Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!
Week 114 of my contest just started...you can now check the winners of the previous week!


good boi joey! 😃 it's a plus that most dogs like to bathe since imagine the struggle i had when something similar to this happened to my cat (caught a part on her tail), and she squirmed a lot as i rinsed her off. learned my lesson to keep the fly trap on higher unreachable cat places from then on 😅 thank you for sharing your insightful experience about this using oil (something to keep in mind), my cat had a good scrubbing and lots of her shampoo that day 😄


It was a thing and he went crazyyyyy , and the sticky stuff is apparently poisonous but we got there and he smelles great hahah


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That was hilarious except for the part about the actual flytrap part, because yes, they are very poisonous to dogs and cats. Oh, and I wouldn't want to lick one either hahahaha!!!
I can imagine freaking out about how to get it out of his fur, he's got some thick fur. Well, at least this story had a happy ending, they got to relax in a nice warm shower, and so did Mom and D hahahahahaha!!!
Candles in the tub afterwards I could see!!!
Seriously, glad it worked out for the better.


The last picture made me laugh. He kept his innocent face up for a pose. His hair is beautiful