Picture is worth a 1000 words challenge A ITALIAN SURPRISE BACHELOR(RETTE) PARTY


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I came across this ( for me that is ) new challenge and after a day with no power it’s a chance to do something new. I like that. And because the blog said “ tell a friend “ I want you to take part if you can. Join when you can!

This is the picture:
#pics1000 / this photo is by @wakeupkitty


The group friends in the picture, both the men and the women, are here today for the hen party and the bachelor party of their Dutch friends. A perfect month in advance organised surprise filled with love and loved ones. They had decided to gather in the narrowest street in Milan Italy. The fact that they all started organising the party for both the bride and groom weeks ago, and now it’s almost time to start and have fun together. They will surprise their friends the bride and groom, who are staying in Milan for the weekend. The fact they didn’t want a lot of fuss just before the wedding was the reason the escaped. But the friends had other plans and had to do this for them. The groom and his friends are going on a Vespa tour through Milan and have dinner under the duomo. The bride goes to the well-known Italian fashion houses and will follow an embroidery course. After that they will make a pizza at Emilio’s , an old friend of them both. The friends now drink teh last proceco in this small Italian street before the party can start.


What is the contest about?
Well I have the rules and explanation here.
Taken from the contest blog:

photo taken by @wakeupkitty

Describe what you see
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Write a story or poem or about what you think is going
Use #pic1000
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If the story that pours out of you after seeing the visual prompt is not obviously connected to the photo, please include a short paragraph how the prompt led you to the story.

Write as much or as little to say what you want to say. You are invited to craft a longer story but we don't want to ask for a certain wordcount.

For now, this is going to be a reward for participating this contest.
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Date : 21 may 2023

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I bet that was a good time had by all in the photo. Even though the couple didn't want a big deal made before the wedding I bet after they were suprised they enjoyed it after all.


Aaah could be they were in the organising & celebrating mood. They were so loud. I hope the bride and groom appreciate what their friends did. How come the bride can't drive a Vespa or one of those electric rollers?

Thanks for joining pic1000.


The girl choose the girlie things, I would love a Vespa ride with the boys,
I had fun, great idea


It's obvious everyone is amazingly smart here besides your post just inspired me to contest. Love your choice of words.