Studio Strak A work related trip on Pentecost Monday


Going to the dutch Betuwe
This is the day we go to visit a designer.

Today we went to Deil, a place in Holland about an hour drive from Rotterdam.
A trip and travel in your own country , we do that to little. We have such a nice and beautiful country, and so bloggable. So i had to take out the camera and document, pin and write about.

We met up and drove with a collegue and had a nice drive. Deil is in the dutch Betuwe. The part of HOLLAND the most fruit producing orchardfarms. Besides the road its possible to buy all kinds of apples ( holland has many great ones ) pears, strawberries and berries. There are little shop stalls where the fresh fruit is presented and you can leave the money owed in a basket. Yes thats still possible. We also have regions where you can buy flowers like I blogged about when we visited teh Keukenhof. The Betuwe also has so many beautiful homes and castles, so the ride alone was a sweet one that didn’t feel like it was an hour.

Wikipedia says about this part of Holland :
The character of the region is mainly characterized by horticulture. In particular, the Betuwe is known for fruit growing in orchards; these form a striking aspect especially in spring because of the blossom and are therefore (locally) an attractive element. The region is also known for the relatively high occurrence of surface waters in the landscape. The Betuwe River Linge, which runs right through the region, is a prominent landscape element. The region is also the namesake of the Betuweroute;
this Dutch freight railway runs right through the region. source:Wikipedia

If you want to read about the Betuwe and that part of my country


We went to the show garden and the designer there had many new furniture he first drew and designed and then a made. Art by hand and put together as a whole with manufactured assets, like cushions.


A lamp from recycled Plastic, what’s beauty and I wonder what the light effect is when the sun is under and the darkness sets in. I love the shape. Its under the trees so the light must effect the leaves aswell at night and would make some great shadows.
Sorry thinking I tags and contests I know.


This looked like real leather but is fabric.


Again plastic but this looks like straw.


Horizontal wooden chairs, I would love to nap in.


Garden carpets but the carpet is filled with rice or something that absorbs water so it can stay outside.


A paddock where the back cushions are the lounge set backbone. I loved it. I have to say a all we saw is not for our wallet and way to huge for the space we have. But if i ever win the lottery I have some suggestions and ideas of materials and stuff, to look back on.


The lamp is not a lamp its designed as a heater. The warmth of the heater will spread light. I haven’t seen it when its dark but it sounds amazingly romantic to be at the water and with this along the chairs.

This is along the river Linge as told in the source on Wikipedia.
The silence and the green space is amazing. That is something that is not a available alot in the city center in Rotterdam. I think here there are less house than in the city. Also the person we talked to siad that the houses there are much less expensive than in the cities in Holland. Thats a plus if you want to move away. These parts have so many advantages like green pastures, less houses , great prices and less people living per m2 BUT the time to drive to work is over 1,5 hour minimum due to traffic to and from the city of Rotterdam.


I want a book and sit here and just sip rose wine !!


They also made outside glass room dividers.


Again a perfect reading and rose spot !


Again the river Linge !


Who doesn’t wanna spot along the river and a roof above her head and just sit and watch the boats go by ….
What if we all were millionaires ?


This is aluminium , and huge, for people with a lot of friends. I would have empty seats I tell you.


Design loungers with a place to put a glass and a charcuterie board.


The kids of the others guests were not having that much fun, and didnt see the lovely places to sip wine, like I did.


Design again


Nice benches




#treetuesday came a day early
There was an immense tree on the property, I thought immediately about a photo for this tag. Hive is life , life is Hive. There is a blog in all you see and all you encounter.


Now the patio with a boat , there were many. Apparently the Linge is a river where many go for boat rides. How cool and you can rent boats.
We dont have one so this is an option of we want to something different with family and friends.


The cushions were designed and everywhere on the property.
We sa a dog lounge bed even.



The dog lounger, I know the dogs would love that.

And the drinks were gone, no rose for me ,


Cheers to the next time we will visit the Betuwe…..

I pinned ~Deil~ to my @pinmapple map.


Until we read again, Thanks for stopping by,
its appreciated and remember always focus on being creative instead of being bee-zy.

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Date : 29 may 2023


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Such a nice place and the shots looks incredible.


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What a lovely outdoor studio. Surely this place will attract young people to take pictures. Looks so romantic.


interesante vormgeving , daar zal de prijs ook wel naar zijn , verbaas me altijd in de tuincentra wat ze durven te vragen voor een tuinstoel tegenwoordig.


Ik had hetzelfde het was echt heel duur. Ik zit net zo lief op een van de karwei


I love places like this. Coming up soon here in England are the NGS open days. National garden scheme I think it stands for are where people open up their gardens to the public. Last year we had an amazing day exploring a local village. There were one or two designers amongst them and they had lovely garden furniture and of course; great plants too!