14 Questions for @jongolson by @hetty-rowan (our newspaper editor)


14 Questions for @jongolson by @hetty-rowan

I asked Hetty to do this favour for me because I was really interested in Jon and Blain's story -- and this is what she crafted. We started off with Jon, and tried to get to know the deeper side of the man behind one of the most successful hive-engine projects!

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Question 1.)
We know you best from CTP, of course, or should I say Listnerds? Listnerds is THE project
that brought the greatest fame I think. But, of course, you've been on Hive for much longer.
You have said in the past that coming to crypto has saved you at a time in your life when you
had to start all over again.

Looking back, what was the moment when you felt THIS is it! I will continue with this, I give
myself fully to this and this will put our family back on the map financially?

This sounds like such a ‘standard’ answer but literally on day one. I remember
reading the white and blue paper from the previous blockchain that shall remain
nameless and I knew, this was it! It just made sense, the whole idea of ‘tokenizing the
web’ but grew into so much more than just that.

Question 2.)
We'll stay in crypto for a little while longer before moving on to the more personal questions
that tell us who @jongolson is. But now a question about CTP and Listnerds. We all know
that the crypto market is constantly changing. And in order to go along with that, it is
important to keep developing. I saw something in discord that there are so many ideas that
you don't even dare to tell Blaine them all. But can you spoil us with some secrets about
what else is in the pipeline for CTP and Listnerds?

If you have been listening into the Crypto Maniacs podcast with Taskmaster4450 and
myself, we’ve been mentioning about our new project that was always the ‘game plan’
for what we’re calling content discovery tools on Hive.

This project will be like our magnum opus, combining years if not decades of experience
into bringing something to Hive that we feel could increase so much more engagement
and users to the blockchain!

Question 3.)
And now that we are talking about especially Listnerds. I had a few people asking me
questions about the liquidity on Hive-Engine. If I knew anything about how you are able to
keep that up. And if the subscription fees are helping with that? So I figured that I would
better ask you before I give some stupid answer.

We have a pot of the original mint of ListNerds tokens, that we sell for 2 Hive each.
When people buy off that account, we take the funds and put buy orders up to fund the
liquidity. That being said, we are nowhere near where we want this to be when it comes
to having a healthy mix of supply and demand. Our job, as developers of ListNerds, is
to increase demand and a desire for holders to stake the token for the long term.

Question 4.)
So now we have asked those questions about the projects, I think it’s time for us to get to
know the man behind the project. After all, there is that saying in crypto that I totally agree
with. Don't invest in a project, invest in a team. Which means so much, if you want to invest
... of course the foundation has to be good, but if the foundation is right. Then it all comes
down to the team behind the project. That's the engine.

When I buy a car I want to make sure that the engine is good. The exterior doesn't interest
me that much. The car has to drive, I have to be 100% confident that it will take me from A to
B without any problems. In order to develop that confidence, I need to have basic knowledge
of cars myself.

Translate that to the next question. How would you describe yourself to ensure that I gain
confidence in you as a person so that I want to invest in you, and therefore in your project?

That’s such a great question. It’s something I learned years ago….

We need to think of each other as blue chip stocks. Here’s why, markets go up and go
down all the time. The next big thing is all the rage but what usually stands the test of
time? The blue chips! Tested and true. And something you know is a generally safe

So I like to think that a track record of showing up, makes our brand in CTP ‘blue chipish’. And the more you see that we stick around, build consistently and always try to
add value to the blockchain, we hope people ‘invest’ in us.

Question 5.)
Now that we are slowly getting more personal. Which character traits of yourself would you
describe as character traits you are proud of, and why? And the same of course with the
qualities you are not so proud of, and why not?

I’m stubborn and loyal to a fault. Which is a blessing and a curse. I’ll go to war for
the CTP community and there are times that helps and hurts me. So while I’m not
‘proud’ per se of being stubborn…It’s part of me, and I’ll go down with the ship LOL.

And something that I’ve learned over the years is that we always need to be learning.
Never think you know it all, which is something I used to approach business like. Until I
was humbled and lost it all, and ruined relationships in the process. Lesson learned,
you never see it coming, but you get to see it go.

Question 6.)
It is a known fact that everyone changes as we get older. At least I do. Things that I used to
absolutely hate, I can now really appreciate in some cases. And where I used to want to go
to the pub or disco 3 days a week, I don't even want to think about that now. Now I just enjoy
a quiet evening with my partner and the dogs at home. How's that for you? Have you also
changed over the years that certain habits have become completely opposite? And do you
have examples of that?

10 years ago. I was in the club, blowing money because I thought I would always
have it. I came from nothing and then ‘got super lucky’ at being at the right place at the
right time. Pride almost ruined me. But now, I’m VERY happy to spend the nights on
the blockchain, reading some cool posts and trying to figure out how to add value here.
But before anything else on chain, my faith and family life are the most important. They
keep me grounded and focused on what matters most.

Question 7.)
Speaking of things you really disliked, I used to refuse to eat vegetables, and have been
vegetarian for about 10 years now. LOL. Now I know from stories that almost everyone has
certain things that you really refuse to eat. Either because you really don't like it, or out of
principle. Do you also have something that you really refuse to eat, and of course
immediately ... what can they wake you up in the middle of the night for?

Pork. I won’t touch it with a ten foot pole. And that’s even before I was religious lol I
hated it, and I know everyone loves bacon but I can’t stand the stuff. As for something I
will never say no too…Caribbean food. Oxtail, jerk chicken, curry chicken, roti….All of it

Question 8.)
I can imagine that if you have to manage multiple projects in crypto, this can sometimes
cause some stress. After all, we are not in the most relaxed zone of the financial markets. At
least, I know for myself that I do need breaks now and then to calm down. I usually go for a
walk, take my dogs to the forest. Being surrounded by nature helps me to calm down. Do
you often experience stress? And at times when you experience stress, what is the activity
that immediately calms you down?

Very similar. I am lucky to live in a part of the country that has some amazing trails
and hiking opportunities. After I was diagnosed as a diabetic last year, I’ve fallen in love
with hiking. Only thing I regret, is not getting into it sooner. I try to get about 5kms in a
day, but that’s not always possible with 3 kids, a wife, a bunch of dogs and a few
businesses to run lol

Question 9.)
If we look back to the past. As a child I always wanted to work with dogs. I haven't been able
to make it my job, but it's pretty close. I am home all day with 3 dogs around me. In that
sense, you could say it's my job. When I was in high school I wanted to be a journalist/writer.
In the end I didn't dare to follow that school, my lack of self-confidence held me back.
Blogging on the Hive Blockchain is getting pretty close to my former dream.
If you look back at what you always wanted to be as a child, how close is the work you do
now to your dream from the past? How would 10-year-old Jon react to what today's Jon
does on a daily basis?

10 year old Jon decided that I would be in business for myself. I wrote about the
time I discovered entrepreneurship and started selling little crafts around my
neighbourhood. When I realized that someone was willing to pay me for something I
created and built, I was hooked. Since then, I have loathed working for others. And
have been working for myself as a home based entrepreneur since about 2003.

It might not be the glamorous life that many think, but my time is precious and this
allows me to spend it with my family much more than if I had a 9 to 5.

Question 10.)
After spending a day in front of my PC, constantly gaining new impressions, constantly
learning new material and constantly having to stay focused, besides the dogs that demand
my attention and the household chores that have to be done, I am just happy in the evening
to snuggle up in my bed. Just relax. I often go and read a little in a book where I don't have
to think. It is one of the guilty pleasures, a cheap simple pocket novel. What is the last book
you have read?

Ahhhh my passion! Books! I’m currently reading ‘Navigating The Metaverse’ by
Cathy Hackl and Dirk Lueth. I am a book-a-holic by trade it seems lol But that’s the one
I’m currently reading. I just finished the Conflict of the Ages series by Ellen White which
took me about 2 years to get through. Let’s just say, there were quite a few pages in
those 5 books lol

Question 11.)
Everyone has wishes for what we all want to do someday. The famous bucket list. Me too,
sure. After years of not being on holiday I would love to go on holiday for a week or two
again, with my partner and the dogs to France. A place where we and the dogs have a
paradise holiday in the nature of the Dordogne. What does your ideal holiday look like, and
what is on your bucket list?

My ideal holiday is not really a holiday at all. It’s planning and dreaming about being
able to move to a country home away from the city life that I’ve known since day one.
My family and I recently were able to secure that home and are in the process of
moving right now.

Last week, this is how I spent the day….Woke up to our brand new puppy who needed
to get outside to start her housebreaking. Spent the first few hours just siting and
listening to all the birds that frequent the property, and then started a fire and cooked
breakfast / brunch for my family on an open fire.

I mean, it might not be paradise for some (especially in Canada) but it was a slice of
heaven for us.

Question 12.)
Besides dogs and blogging, I also have hobbies. I like to paint and I like to read. Besides the
simple pocket novels just before going to sleep, I also like to read true stories. I also enjoy
working with wood. You will only find one lamp in our house that has been bought. We made
all the other lamps ourselves. What are your hobbies, how can you really say that you really
lose all sense of time and are just enjoying your own world?

We already mentioned books, but that would be it for me. I love spending time not
only reading, but also grabbing a coffee and spending a few hours in the bookstore. I
might not even buy anything, I just love looking at different authors and topics. My
dream is to continue to build my personal library so I can pass all the knowledge down
to my kids.

Question 13.)
For my partner and I it has not been so easy financially for 8 years now. We also had our
rough time as a result, but we survived. We emerged from that crisis stronger than ever.
Now if someone were to say to my partner, "100 million dollars or Hetty", he would choose
me. Pffwww lucky for me! I would definitely choose him without a doubt. What would your
wife do if she had a choice? $100 million or Jon? And what would you do? $100 million or
your wife?

Ha ha ha Oh wow, she’s take the money for sure!!!!! Nah, we’ve actually become
stronger as the years pass on. We went through hell over the past 5 years and at
times, are still going through it. But our faith and love for each other hasn’t been
stronger. So without a doubt, I choose my wife!

(If she ever reads this, I earned some brownie points!!!!)

Question 14.)
Now we've talked about all sorts of things, but the last question I'd like to ask you is: Leaving
aside CTP, Listnerds, and Index, which Hive-Engine projects would you recommend Bro
Newspaper readers to invest in? , why and what tips can you give to grow on Hive?
And thanks for taking the time. Very much appreciated!

I mean…BRO of course ;) Nah seriously, I think Raymond is one of the best guys
I’ve ever met on the blockchain so this is a no brainer. Of course, things like LEO are a
must, and my sneaky play is WORKERBEE right now too, for mining BEE tokens and
governance on Hive Engine.

And here’s the biggest tip I would share….Don’t worry so much about what the price of
any of these tokens are tomorrow. They’ll go up and they’ll go down, constantly. Pick a
few that you believe in, and that you think you can add value to it’s community and then
just…Show up and put in the work.

You’ll be blown away at what you can accomplish in a few years from now, when you
get started today and ignore the noise!

If you could have a dinner with one famous person from history, who would you choose and why?

For me, I think it would be John C. Maxwell. He’s my favorite author of all time and one of the best selling leadership authors ever. Just a wealth of information and I think it would be the best investment of my time to spend an hour or two with him. Everything rises and falls on leadership, so why not learn from the best.

And there we have it. Thanks to Hetty for her diligent work! And thanks to Jon for answering all our questions!


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