Buy 10 or more BroVest tickets and get a golden ticket


Have you heard of the #BroVest raffle that's taking place on the 19th of September? You haven't? Omg, where have you been? Under a rock? Anyway.

If you have, then we're adding something nice to the pot. If you buy 10 or more tickets worth 10 HBD or more, then we'll give you a golden ticket. That means you will be in with a chance of winning further prizes on top of the main prizes. Yup, added bonuses. Isn't that amazing?

Those that have golden tickets will be entered into a further live prize draw, and will have the chance of winning:

1st Prize: 25 SPI and 25 BRO (worth around an extra 150 Hive)

2nd & 3rd Prize: 10 SPI and 10 BRO (worth and extra 50 Hive)

If you want some extra prizes then please get yourself more than 10 tickets :D

How do I enter?

Tickets sales

BroVest MEGA raffle ticket sales will last for 4 weeks and will cease at 10.30 PM on the day of the live draw.

  • Send 1 HBD per ticket to @brovest, no memo required
  • No limit to how many tickets you can buy - No limit
  • Buy them for others as gifts by inserting their username in the memo section
  • Tickets numbers are allocated in order and displayed here

Live Draw on Saturday the 19th at 11 PM UTC

Anyone that shows to up to the live draw will be in for a night of great fun, we've got @raymondspeaks pulling the numbers for the prizes, I'll be in and out of different channels searching for winners and editing a few things and we plan to have a packed out voice chat channel where everyone is invited to come along and watch, listen, interact and most importantly win some prizes :)

  • 1 prize will be given away live every 4 minutes for just over an hour
  • Prizes are allocated to winners in 2 ways.

If you win and you are offline, your prize is the whichever is next on the prize list going from top to bottom

If you win and you are online, you will have roughly 3 minutes to select anything from the remaining prize list (It literary pays to be online at the draw)

  • Donators will forward prizes directly to MEGA raffle winners

There is a great community behind both SPinvest and BroFund and we invite the whole of HIVE to get involved with this, it's going to be a really epic community event and it's something different that does not happen every day.

Post draw

  • SPinvest will upload a post on the 20th connecting all prizes to winners
  • Donators will directly send prizes to the winners
  • 50% of all funds collected from ticket sales will to our chosen charity
  • 25% each of all funds collected from ticket sales will go to @spinvest and @brofund to be powered up to reward token holders for making donations and making this event possible.
  • Wait a year and think about doing it again :)

If you want more info then please come into our discord:


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Just bought 5 more tickets so I could get a gold ticket