A teacher who saw what others couldn't see


When i was in high school, my classmates love teasing me alot and i never complain nor try to pick a fight with any one of them because i see them as a friend, moreover when i see the happiness and laughter on their face and the fun they were having while teasing me, it kind of makes me happy too that i am the reason...

During classes too, when teachers are teaching us and they need a good example for something, they will always labelled me as an example and again everyone would laugh including me...

One day, we were having geography class and while the class was going on, another issue arise that an example was needed and again someone called my name and the whole class burst into laughter even the teacher could not help but smile but after it died down

He said;

Do you know that this boy you are always making fun of will become a great person some day, he might be the president of Nigeria and my classmates giggled...

They didn't mean any harm, it was just teenagers having fun at the detriment of another but the teacher saw something they didn't see, he saw greatness in the boy that is always the topic, he saw greatness in the boy who never get offended with his colleagues no matter how much they tease him...

I wish i can see the teacher to tell him even though i am not yet a president of my country, i am living the life i want and moreover i do not want to become the president because with such great power comes great responsibilities...

I just want a simple life with my family in a small world of our own and i am working towards that!

If you wonder why people like teasing me, even till now i still get teased, i guess it is because of my friendly nature and the fact i don't get offended easily so people feel comfortable around me and that is really not bad but once in a while, if they go too far and the tease kind of start getting insulting, i change it lol....

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Teachers have gift to see greatness in one, it is like it always part of the request to be a teacher