Men are not slave


It is true that 70pcent of the money earned by a man is used to take care of his family and even the remaining 30pcent is not being spent by him alone, the pressure exacted on men is too much that some men started to feel they are slaves but i object to this! yea even tho you have to take care of your wife and children and also extend the love to your parent and siblings, that doesn't make you a slave!

Taking care of your family and loved ones doesn't make you a slave but an alpha, you are the head and the sole earner of the family, the fact that without you the family will be in shambles is one thing that makes your existence very important...

You are a super hero to your family, your kids depends on you to protect them because they love you, believed in you and have deep trust in you that you wil always rescue them in time of trouble... you wife rely on you to put food on the table because she knows you are up to the task of taking good care of your family and that is an honor not a disrespect that labelled you the slave tag

One thing a man crave for after all the hardwork and responsibilities is a loving family and caring wife, no man want to get home to meet a nagging wife or one who is always comparing him to those doing better than him, it break his heart into pieces, even tho men are known to bear pains but they deserve some loving...

This is why marriage is a very serious matter that can not be rushed into, you must be very sure you are willing to sacrifice yourself for the happiness of your family, be sure your happiness lies in the happy face of your family as that is the best consolation a man can get for all his hardwork.....

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It's so true, man. Nowadays the world treats men like money machines, also men are playing the same role as slaves to make money.
Being a family man, I really feel like the world needs to pay a little more attention to what men are building, we are not slaves. We do love to provide everything but we also have emotions.