Portal Spinner wield the most unpredictable ability on splinterlands

Hello splinter nerds


The portal spinner is a monster that i love due to a particular ability it possess and players who have been paired with me on the battle field can easily tell this ability..

It is unpredictable as you never can tell which of your monster it is going to attack next but you know one of your monster is going to suffer a great damage..


This ability is known as scattershot, i mostly used it when using the earth splinter as there is acid shooter the poison man and one of my favorite neutral monster gem meteor their combo disorganize the opponent formation and gives me victory in most battles..

Most time i use the life splinter, i come with sneaky monsters because the life has a lot of them but i tried something different today because of the portal spinner, i decided to defend and use scatter shot to penetrate the opponent and it worked!...

I was paired with the humbler who doesn't seem so humble with the badass set up he came with but as i was prepared for the unexpected too so i came with a good line up

battle link

The battle rule is explosive weaponry which means all monsters have the blast ability and holy protection which means all monsters have a shield..

I had to come up with a set up that is anti-blast, if only the opponent knows better too...

  • Shield bearer: it serves as my tank because of its taunt ability that attract all the attacks of the opponent to it and i know the opponent will use range attacks and this monster have return fire which makes it the most suitable for that position...

  • Venator Kinjo: The fear of blast is the beginning of wisdom, if the tank takes all the hit, then the second monster would also suffer damages due to the blast hence why i place kinjo as it has the reflection shield which protect it from all blast...

  • Truthspeaker: Healing is very important is most battle and the truthspeaker is just the right monster for this, it just doesn't heal but also protect all the monsters with two armor and lastly its cleanse ability that wipes away all negativity from the tank...

  • Gem meteor & Portal spinner: These two monsters are the main attackers and i rely on them for the win and they didn't disappoint as they wreck havoc on the opponent rear monsters which makes it easier for me to win...

  • LOAN BOATMAN: Its repair ability was helpful to fixing the tank armor when it get damaged by the attacks of the opponent monsters..

This is an interesting battle to watch as the defence and attacks were top notch!!

if you want to be a part of this week splinterlands weekly battle challenge, you can join from here

All pictures are gotten from splinterlands lore and gif credit goes to splinterlands.

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