You are only in a competion with yourself and nobody else


The vision is now clear, i know where i am going and also know what needs to be done to get there, i know the path to take and with dedication, i will get to my destination faster than i expected....

Those were never my thought until recently i realized i have people who believed in me more than i believed in myself and this only inspired and gives me confidence needed to keep pushing and trying to be the best in everything i do because i don't want those who believed in me to be dissapointed, i want to make them proud but in another way i am also helping myself in becoming a better version of who i used to be..

Life is a race and it is run by many people but the difference between this race and the one you practice is that, you are in a competition with yourself and nobody else, you must always inspire to become better every day, don't bother about the rest, don't be envious of others success because behind every successful man is a story untold which is full of so many obstacles and bad days...

Moreover every one time line is different, your friend bought a car today, it is his own time, yours will come too if you work towards it, never be envious of other's because you do not know what they have gone through before they were able to reach that height...

Life is vanity, a fool saved up all his wealth only to die the following day, no one knows where he kept his money, everything died with him, he felt bittered knowing those money could have put a smile on his families face but he hid it from the world and no one is ever going to see it, such a wasted life..s

Be loving, generous and kind... you will live on like a legend even after you are gone from this world because the heart never forget who help or make it happy....



Ok 😂 yea no one else wants to compete with dumb :P XD so it is good for you at least you have a comp :P XD

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