Splinterlands - Things You Should Know As A Beginner


It is difficult not to get addicted to Splinterlands if you are naturally a gamer. I mean, everything about the game is so cool, the graphics, the sound effects, characters and their cool names and buffs. What's not to love?

Then to top it off, you get to earn a financial reward do something you would have done for free anyway. How cool is that?

I wonder the number of people who would have turned professional gamers if they were earning $100 daily from playing their Ps5. Context...

Well, I have been playing the game for a little while now and I am definitely putting restrictive measures on myself because I think I might have started playing it a little too much. This is a weird thing to say though, given that the more you play, the more you earn...or not?

There is a lot to learn about the game if you intend to succeed in it and hit the high leagues and make big bucks. Every day, I find out things about the game I didn't even know were there, mostly from other people's experiences.

This is the reason I am sharing the little I know and have discovered both from playing and reading other people's in-game experiences.

Capture Rate

The developers really covered almost all bases with this game. Sometimes, while I play, I'd just wow at their brilliance. The Dark Energy Capture Rate is designed for people like us who wouldn't mind playing the game round the clock. It was also designed for those who would have played all day with bots and gathered all the damn DEC for themselves.

So the Capture rate makes sure playing for too long is financially counterproductive, unless you are spending long periods of time playing the game just for learning purposes only.

The more you play, the lower your capture rate goes and the lesser DEC you make from winning battles. When I started, at some point, I was making a meagre 3DEC for winning battles, I thought it was normal because probably I was just starting out. How wrong I was. I remember seeing my capture rate at 23% one time and I kept playing. Phew!

My capture rate is currently at 61% and I have resigned to just completing daily quests until it gets back to 100%.

Resource Credit

You probably aren't active on the Hive blogging platform if you arent familiar with Hive Resource Credit.

Just like the Splinterlands Capture Rate, the Resource credit is also a measure by the Hive platform to mitigate excessive transactions(activities) on the Hive blockchain. Resource credit is sort of a Hive currency used to pay for transactions, like posting, comments, etc.

Where Resource credit comes in here is, Splinterlands is built under the Hive blockchain and activities like finding a match and submitting teams are all Hive transactions that require and use the Resource Credit.

The more you play, the more depleted your RC becomes and at a time you may not be able to even submit a team for battle. That means you would have ran your RC to ground zero.

Quest Potion

I have been playing for a month now but it was just yesterday that I discovered that you could increase the number of chests from your daily quests by buying a question potion from the potion market. I had been getting just one Chest for every quest, then my power rose to a certain number and I was getting 2.

Imagine discovering there is a chance of getting 7 chests every day? With the possibility of pulling a gold foil/expensive card/ 50k DEC? Sign me up, please!

Yeah, you could increase your chances of pulling a mind-blowing loot by buying the daily quest potion. It only costs 1000 CREDITS or 750 DEC but I suggest you use CREDITS instead.

Ascending The Power Ladder Through Renting

For newbies like myself, it is a struggle climbing the power ladder on Splinterlands, especially when you don't have money to spend on card purchases, especially since the price of cards isn't what it used to be a year or ago.

If you are looking to buy your way up the Power ladder, then you are really gonna be spending a lot of big $ because some of the cards that would boost your Power into bigger leagues are some really expensive cards.

My current 16k Power has come through renting Legendary and gold foil cards and I wouldn't have been at this power level if I had insisted on buying cards, or if the renting system didn't exist.

Renting gold foiled and Legendary cards boost your power level more than the other cards, this is what I have observed but I could be wrong though.

These are some of the things I have learnt in just a short while being a Splinterlander and I intend to share more as I play on.

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