Monomad : Gee Wills


#monomad today features monochrome shots from a shoot will Gee Wills.
There's an interesting read behind this one though.

It was impromptu shoot and I didn't like many results of my impromptu shoot then because I wasn't well coordinated.

My colleagues had taken some of my gear for an outdoor shoot so I had to shoot at another studio downtown.
This studio wasn't as tall as the one I regularly used.
That's the reason for the softbox reflecting on my subject's eyeglasses on the last frame. It's an easy fix though
Either the light is way above the subject or the subject shouldn't raise his face to the light.

We had to stop by the Fast food before reaching the studio. There was an ongoing session at the studio,so we had to wait.
Stressful right?
Tiredness set in but music revives the soul.

We started to shoot,as I noticed dullness on Wills face. I played some interesting Afro beat songs to lighten the mood.

At the end,we created these stunning and smiley photos.

I shot with a Nikon camera and a single light but this light had so much power. It was an AD600 and a 85 mm lens. The studio had width but no length.That was my problem though.

Image editing was done in Photoshop and Camera Raw.

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