Day 1570 | Heat Wave


I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work, and my personal life...

There is another heat wave ongoing here at the moment which pretty much paralizes me to stay indoors and not be too active while drinking enough water which is what I did on Tursday and likely the coming days. If will be nice for this period and the vacation months to be over so I can fully go back to a regular routine of joining Yoga Sessions, go for a swim on Tuesday, plan my regular Tennis on Thursday and so on.

The results of the speed date came in and quite to my surprise I didn't have a match, these things are often hard to estimate and my friend also didn't have any. I guess it comes both down to the fact that in many ways I'm different to most people and the extreme selectiveness of many women in this age group. The good thing though is that I'm very happy being single and I don't mind keeping it this way for now.

60-Day Challenge

Days LeftWeightWalk100 Bench100 Squat100 CoreWater
Start70 kg-----
6469.5 kg22k27.7kg100502.5L
6369.8 kg13k27.7kg100603.0L
6269.6 kg15k30.2kg100502.5L
6169.8 kg12K30.2kg1002.5L
6070.0 kg16k30.3 kg003.0L
5969.8 kg18k32.7 kg1001003.0L
5869.2 kg16k35.0 kg1001002.5L
5769.0 kg10k37.5 kg10001.5L
5669.4 kg5k37.5 kg002.5L
5569.6 kg10k37.5 kg002.5L
5469.8 kg15k37.5 kg003.0L
5369.6 kg-37.5 kg002.5L
5270.0 kg-37.5 kg003.0L
5170.2 kg10k40 kg002.5L
5070.4 kg10k40 kg002.0 L
4970.3 kg7K40 kg002.5 L
4870.2 kg-40 kg002.5 L
4770.6 kg-42.5 kg002.5 L
4669.9 kg19k42.5 kg1001003.0 L
4570.0 kg14k42.5 kg1001003.5 L
4469.2 kgWFWFWFWF2.0 L
4369.2 kg6k2025102.5 L
4269.8 kg10k0002.0 L
4170.0 kg-0002.0 L
4070.3 kg13k12002.5 L
3970.2 kg-0002.0 L
3870.0 kg-0004.0 L
3770.0 kg-0003.0 L
3670.3 kg11k2525253.0 L
3570.2 kg8k0003.0 L
3470.4 kg8k20003.0 L
3370.3 kg10k0002.5 L
3270.1 kg12k0002.5 L
3170.4 kg-0003.0 L

DayBed TimeAwakeExpensesDay Score
01 Aug00:0007:505.16€6
02 Aug00:3007:4010.15€7
03 Aug00:4007:307.30€6
04 Aug00:0007:009.0€6
05 Aug00:3008:0017.4€7
06 Aug00:0007:204.617
07 Aug00:2007:408.24€7
08 Aug00:3008:206.17€7
09 Aug00:2008:204.92€8
10 Aug00:3087:5013.705