Day 1571 | Another Hot Day


I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work, and my personal life...

There is not that much going on these days aside from surviving the heat and trying to stay somewhat cool. I did my usual daily activities and have also been playing some more Apex Legends which I highly enjoy. In the evening there were 2 football matches in Europe I followed and did well in. From Friday to Sunday evening, most of my focus will be on the Belgian League.

60-Day Challenge

Days LeftWeightWalk100 Bench100 Squat100 CoreWater
Start70 kg-----
6469.5 kg22k27.7kg100502.5L
6369.8 kg13k27.7kg100603.0L
6269.6 kg15k30.2kg100502.5L
6169.8 kg12K30.2kg1002.5L
6070.0 kg16k30.3 kg003.0L
5969.8 kg18k32.7 kg1001003.0L
5869.2 kg16k35.0 kg1001002.5L
5769.0 kg10k37.5 kg10001.5L
5669.4 kg5k37.5 kg002.5L
5569.6 kg10k37.5 kg002.5L
5469.8 kg15k37.5 kg003.0L
5369.6 kg-37.5 kg002.5L
5270.0 kg-37.5 kg003.0L
5170.2 kg10k40 kg002.5L
5070.4 kg10k40 kg002.0 L
4970.3 kg7K40 kg002.5 L
4870.2 kg-40 kg002.5 L
4770.6 kg-42.5 kg002.5 L
4669.9 kg19k42.5 kg1001003.0 L
4570.0 kg14k42.5 kg1001003.5 L
4469.2 kgWFWFWFWF2.0 L
4369.2 kg6k2025102.5 L
4269.8 kg10k0002.0 L
4170.0 kg-0002.0 L
4070.3 kg13k12002.5 L
3970.2 kg-0002.0 L
3870.0 kg-0004.0 L
3770.0 kg-0003.0 L
3670.3 kg11k2525253.0 L
3570.2 kg8k0003.0 L
3470.4 kg8k20003.0 L
3370.3 kg10k0002.5 L
3270.1 kg12k0002.5 L
3170.4 kg-0003.0 L
3070.7 kg-0003.0 L

DayBed TimeAwakeExpensesDay Score
01 Aug00:0007:505.16€6
02 Aug00:3007:4010.15€7
03 Aug00:4007:307.30€6
04 Aug00:0007:009.0€6
05 Aug00:3008:0017.4€7
06 Aug00:0007:204.617
07 Aug00:2007:408.24€7
08 Aug00:3008:206.17€7
09 Aug00:2008:204.92€8
10 Aug00:3007:5013.705
11 Aug00:3008:007.23€6