Day 1621 | 80 Minute Walk

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work, and my personal life...

Friday was the last day of the month which I used as an excuse to eat too much again making Spaghetti. I however also went on a 80-minute Walk in the early evening and made sure my dishes were done and my appartment was clean for the start of Octover

September was a mixed months with 11 really good days going from 73kg to 70kg doing pretty much everything as I had set out to do only to fall back the 10 days after back getting up tp 72 kg again. I would say on the bright side that's 1 kg less and I'm ready to go at it again now in October with the intention to keep it up for 3 months. Daily exercise, eating healthy and sleeping well are the 3 main goals

Daily Food Journal Sunday September 12th
I did eat some bread again and made a lot of spaghetti which was amazingly good.

Today Goals
I will start the day with a morning run, eat a proteine smoothie in the morning and soup the rest of the day also planning to test doing Reps for 80 Bench Press, 80 Squats, 80 Knee Ups making that into a daily minimum habit going forward.

DayWeightBed TimeAwakeExpensesDay Score
01 Sep72.0 kg23:4009:000.00€7
02 Sep71.3 kg00:0008:159.18€6
03 Sep71.6 kg23:4007:103.96€7
04 Sep71.8 kg01:3007/509.96€6
05 Sep71.8 kg00:2009:156.20€7
06 Sep72.0 kg00:0008:007.34€8
07 Sep72.3 kg01:3008:455.34€6
08 Sep72.7 kg01:0009:1510.13€4
09 Sep73.0 kg00:0008:150€7
10 Sep72.2 kg00:3008:150€7
11 Sep71.6 kg00:0008:300€7
12 Sep71.4 kg23:4507:457.8€7
13 Sep71.6 kg23:5008:300€7
14 Sep71.1 kg00:0007:307.6€7
15 Sep70.8 kg00:0008:000€7
16 Sep70.8 kg00:0008:0015,04€7
17 Sep70.4 kg00:0008:150€7
18 Sep70.5 kg00:0008:200€7
19 Sep70.0 kg00:0008:004.11€8
20 Sep70.4 kg00:0008:400€7
21 Sep70.3 kg23:4008:107.83€7
22 Sep70.4 kg01:0008:455.85€5
23 Sep70.6 kg00:0008:2011.48€5
24 Sep71.1 kg01:3009:0013.15€6
25 Sep71.4 kg00:3008:3012.02€5
26 Sep71.4 kg00:0008:005.36€6
27 Sep71.3 kg00:3009:300€7
28 Sep71.5 kg00:3009:0016.79€5
29 Sep71.7 kg00:0008:006.87€6
30 Sep72.0 kg00:3008:307.92€5

365 Day Fit-at-40 Challenge

02180-Minute Walk
Bread, Spaghetti
8 Hours72.0 kg
020Short WalkSoup,
Bread, Chips
8 Hours71.7 kg
0191-Hour Walk
Bread, Chips, Ice Cream
9 Hours71.5 kg
018Row TrainingSmoothie, Soup, Melon9 Hours71.3 kg
017Short WalkProteine Shake,Celary,
8 Hours71.4 kg
016Short Walk
Bread, chips, Chocolate, Pita
8 Hours71.4 kg
015Short Walk, Bench Press
, peanuts, carrots
7.5 Hours71.1 kg
014Short WalkBeans, Pasta Red Pesto,
Ice Cream
8.3 Hours70.6 kg
013Short Walk
Potato Chips, Bread Cucumber, White Chocolate
7.5 Hours70.4 kg
0123-Hour WalkBrown Bread, Hazelnut Spread, Carrots8.5 Hours70.3 kg
011FrisbeeSmoothie, soup, crackers, potato & Leek8.8 hours70.4 kg
010Morning Run, 3-Hour WalkBanana, Beans, Mais, Pair, Apple8 Hours70.0 kg
009Morning RunSmoothie, Vegan Pizza, Veggies in Oven, Pear8.3 Hours70.5 kg
008Morning RunSmoothie, Vegan Pizza8,2 Hours70.4 kg
007Morning Run, WalkTofu, Vegan Pizza8 Hours70.8 kg
006Morning RunOatmeal, Cauliflower8 Hours70.8 kg
005Afternoon WalkGreen Peas, Soup, Peanuts7.5 Hours71.1 kg
004Morning RunShake, Beans, Peas, Potatoes, Fruit8.8 Hours71.6 kg
0033-Hour WalkPaprika in Oven8 Hours71.4 kg
002Morning RunSeed Cracker + Hummus8.5 Hours71.6 kg
001Morning RunProteine Shake8 Hours72.2 kg
000---73.0 kg

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