Day 1979 | Football Saturday

I started a challenge of taking 100 days off to mainly focus on my health and overall personal development and used this account as a personal blog to keep track of all my activity. I enjoyed it and continued afterward trying to build better habits and find a good balance between health, fitness, work, and my personal life...

On Saturday as usual, I focused on the football matches which remains enjoyable but at the same time also a major challenge to beat the market nowadays. I am keeping my stakes to an absolute minimum and will see how I move forward as in the end it remains the goal to make enough profit for it to be also worth the time.

Today Goals: Sunday will be very similar with 4 matches to watch.

DayWeightBed TimeAwakeExpensesDay Score
01 Sep69.0 kg02:0012:006.37€5
02 Sep69.1 kg06:0010:008.01€5
03 Sep68.8 kg01:0009:009.29€6
04 Sep69.4 kg01:0009:0010.34€6
05 Sep69.6 kg01:0010:000€6
06 Sep70.0 kg05:0012:0011.43€5
07 Sep70.4 kg07:0014:0010€5
08 Sep70.2 kg05:0011:308.95€5
09 Sep70.6 kg05:0011:3012.75€5
10 Sep69.6 kg04:0009:001.5€6
11 Sep69.5 kg02:0010:301.75€6
12 Sep69.5 kg01:0009:000.00€7
13 Sep69.4 kg02:0013:0012.76€6
14 Sep68.8 kg01:3009:308.85€6
15 Sep68.9 kg04:0011:0018.57€6
16 Sep68.7 kg01:3008:307.76€6
17 Sep69.4 kg01:3009:306.76€7
18 Sep69.7 kg04:0010:0011.39€5
19 Sep69.5 kg01:3010:000.00€7
20 Sep69.5 kg02:0011:0014.76€5
21 Sep70.0 kg02:0011:0011.87€6
22 Sep69.8 kg02:0010:006.78€6
23 Sep70.2 kg02:0009:3013.24€6

365 Day Fit-at-40 Challenge

257-Paela, Waffle, meat balls70.2 kg
256-Rice Cracker & Peanut Butter, Meatballs69.8 kg
255-Apples, Sausage, Chips70.0 kg
254-Apples, Chicken,Pita69.5 kg
253Dog WalkChocolate, Potato & Veggies69.5 kg
351-Bread, Salami69.7 kg
350-Bread69.4 kg
349-Meatballs, oreo68.7 kg
348WalkSandwishes, meatballs68.9 kg
347-Noodles, waffles, peanut Butter68.8 kg
3462-Hour WalkSalami, Noodles, Pizza69.4 kg
345-Summer Rolls69.5 kg
344WalkSmoothie, Knoppers69.5 kg
343-Smoothie, Nuts69.6 kg
342-Spaghetti, M&M's70.6 kg
341-Bread, Cornetto70.2 kg
340-Pita70.4 kg
339-Bread, Apples, Veggies, Chips70.0 kg
338-Bread, Veggies, Chocolate69.6 kg
337-Pita, Knoppers, Nuts69.4 kg
336-Bread, apples68.8 kg
335-Apples, mashed potato & Leek, Sausage69.1 kg
334WalkApple, Sandwich69.0 kg

Previous Months Progress

333August69.4 kg
302July68.7 kg
271June68.5 kg
241May72.4 kg
210April70.7 kg
180March71.7 kg
149February73.7 kg
133January73.0 kg
112December72.0 kg
081November72.0 kg
052October70.6 kg
021September72.0 kg
000Start73.0 kg

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