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What's good Weed Nerds? Back with another highlight to an end to another good week. Things have been a little slow lately. Probably due to the bear market. Really there loss, because even when Hive is down, it is always up. Especially here in the cannabis community. Baseball season has ended, so that means I should be able to focus a little more time here. Also should be able to get the highlights out on Friday again. So get those posts out before then to be included on the recap! Enjoy:)

Cannabis Prohibition Ending in Minnesota on August 1


Another domino has fallen!

Cannabis in the middle is controversial |


The only controversy is the fact that cannabis is still illegal!

Another day on hive


Cannabis grown like it was way back in the day. :)

The OG


Screenshot (279).png

Nice Chillum!

Cannashots by DreamOn [Cat in the Garden😼]


Nice kitty!

Green flavors / Sabores verdes


Taking a break from our favorite herb to show off some Basil. Looking tasty Happy!

cannabis content 😋


Loona brings the heat!



We have been all there before. LOL(Must read!)

Curing session after harvest ~ Let's Grow Together #229


Screenshot (280).png

We seen it in action, now look at the finish product!

Red’s in Peace


Just another day in Beantown!

White Widow Strain Review


Great Fing job Wes!

🌱 Beginning of my Second GrowReport (Auto Colorado Cookies by Bob Marley seeds) Hive Exclusive


This is where the magic starts!

Stoner's inventions / Inventos de fumeta


I am really impressed with Happy's grow this season.

Fog OG Auto, Durban Violette in the greenhouse, Pineapple Express in bloom + Apricot Kush seedling


Jack taking a stab with some Autos. Looking good too!

cleaning some tops


Nice harvest bro!

Update 13 (Big Mack Superstar & Miracle Mack)


Finally moving some of those indoor gals outside!

💹Token Suggestion Post + Winner From Last Week!😎


Ending off this weeks HIGHlights with this cool little project worth checking out. Peace!

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