Agor Longtail and Co against a strong Foe and Toxic Fumes

Hello dear splinterlands and Hive communities!


This have been a heck of a week being extremely busy but couldn't pass on the opportunity to share a battle of my favourite Element: DRAGONS. Usually my go-to would be Daria + Djinn Chwala for Damage and takiness, this time I've tried something different... Why not try to OP defensive Taunt strategy of the Life Team on Dragons! Let's get to know more about this

Taunt + Ressurect

First let's talk about Ressurect:

It works on the First monster that got eliminatedChoose a Monster that has the highest probability to die first: Taunt
Go back to life with ONLY 1 HealthA Heal is much needed after Ressurection
Fortunately, it gets back its Armor after revivingArmor doesn't protect from Magic; Void Armor is needed

As a conclusion, we need a monster that got at least the 1st and 3rd option to be effective for this strategy, and guess what, here is one!

1Taunt + Void Armor
3Taunt + Void Armor+ Heal

Agor Longtail is a 15 Mana (!) Legendary Dragon Card on the Riftwatchers Edition and that mana cost is justified:

  • 2 Types of attacks: Melee + Magic attacks for a total of 5 Damage without buffs (Insane synergy with Archmage Arius)
  • Heavy Tankiness: 14 Health + 6 Armor for a total of 20 hit points
  • Flying f: coupled with 3 Speed, it's more likely to dodge some critical attacks! (25% evasion chance)
  • Taunt t: it'll take a while to forcibly take down this monster
  • Void Armor v: Extremely effective in the Ressurect strategy; Magic goes through Armor before the Health
  • Heal h: Extremely effective with a lot of Health; heals 3-4 Health per turn

The Battle

Today's battle will be a High Mana Cap (46 Mana) with all Elements available except Death. Fire and Regret won't be a big deal but Noxious Fumes is the trickiest ruleset to deal with! It's true that my strategy wasn't fully adapted to the latter ruleset but I did discover something interesting!

Link for the Battle

My team

Delwyn fits perfectly the job, we'll step up a defensive team full of Magic damage dealers, the additional Fire Power +1 Magic mwill make the Team both Defensive and Offensively oriented!
Everything We Need! Taunt t + Void Armor v+ Lots of Health and Armor
Coupled with a Taunt Monster, we need a Ressurect r monster and another Dragon joins the battle with additional Magic Power for extra damage!
... And Another Ressurect r monster from the Water Element, Same as Oshuur, with Delwyn buff, it'll deal lots of Damage too!
I wish I could've add another Taunt.. Anyways, in Noxious Fumes, Cleanse can win you the battle by getting rid of the Poison Damage and we want Agor to survive as long as possible!
I just didn't give much thaught about the last position and was kinda in a hurry. Oshannus got the Damage plus lots of Health to survive the successive Poison Rounds

1st Round

I've got counter picked in this battle; Immortalis:

  • Void decrease my Team's Magic Damage
  • Shatter Agor's main strenght, Void Armor, will be destroyed on the 1st attack!

Luckily enemy didn't pay attention to the 2nd ruleset Fire and Regret and his 3 Ranged Units would be vulnerable; not really since they are safe with double Protect.
This round went rough on Agor Longtail but they couldn't finish it off and the dragon is still alive with 5 Health while Arkemis is left with 2 Health!

2nd Round


Here comes the 1st Poison Round, Arkemis and River Nymph were the ones who went down, Iza and Venari Scavenge kicked in and I totally forgot about the 1st Ressurect that would be wasted on River Nymph 😣 Well still got 1 left :D

Next, Bramble Pixie got taken down by the barrage of Magic (and Agor) attacks and leaving Queen Mycelia with a single Health

At that time Agor died and got ressurected with a single health and All the Armor only to get Shattered by Queen Mycelia last attack ...

Round 3

Notice that after ressurection, Agor Longtail in No longer Poisonned (same as River Nymph)
Queen Mycelia and River Hellondale got eliminated by Poison
Iza the Fanged was eliminated by my monsters Damage
Agor Flying was a LIFE-SAVER after evading that Last attack!

Round 4


The Battle is pretty much over! Venari Seedsmith Scavenge was only to delay its death to Oshannus and Agor's attacks and the victory was finally mine!


Battle Analysis

  • This strategy is great and effective! Despite my attacks were nerfed by Void and my ultimate Defense was destroyed by Shatter, I could've clinch the win (maybe noxious fumes played a helping hand?)
  • Ressurected Monsters are Free from Poison Damage which is Huge if Agor had Heal or Tank Heal
  • It would be insane if I were to switch River Nymph by Venari Marksrat on the 2nd Position! *Martyr will kick in on the 2nd Round and both Agor Logtail and Oshuur will get their stats buffed! Would definitely try it next time !
  • I should get myself an Immortalis (and Agor ofc)


That's it for today! I hope you enjoyed reading through my blog about this battle, should be trying to incorporate some Soulbound cards next!

If you want to take part in this game and get in touch with this community: Here is the link to join SPLINTERLANDS


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