Dax Paragon in a Perfect Defense Composition: Share Your Battle Challenge!

Hello dear Splinterlands and Hive community!
In my journey on the Silver League, sometimes it feels like battles are really rough while others are a piece of cake win, anyways, this post will be about my participation in the Weekly Share Your Battle Challenge featuring Pax Dragon so if you wanna know a bit about this monster

He communicated with their intermediaries until the day the Chaos Legion invaded the Splinterlands. Dax was then graced with an audience before Silus of the Rift himself. During this conversation, Dax proved himself well-informed, cunning, and ambitious. He was given the opportunity to be an advisor for the most powerful person he'd ever come across. Dax now serves closely at Silus' side, advising him on strategies to control the Splinterlands.

So let's go on this monster's stats:

Dax Paragon

Dax Paragon is an Epic card related to the Chaos Legion Edition. So what do we get for this 2 Mana Card:

  • Stats: 1 Magic damage, low Speed at 2 and scaling Health from 3 to 5.
  • Abilities:
    • Amplify on level 2 (Bronze/Silver+)
    • Affliction on level 5 (Diamond+)

For 2 Mana we can't expect a Giga Chad Tank or a Mage on Steroids. Magic damage on itself is decent since it bypass Armor but what's interesting is Amplify on the 2nd level, so we'll be playing this monster for the Utility and in specific situations;
So What you want to do is combine Amplify with one of these abilities:


The Battle!

This is a great example to showcast Dax Paragon and Amplify Utility! This is a 26 Mana Cap Battle with all Elements available except Death and 2 Rulesets: Keep Your Distance + CounterSpell

Since Melee Monsters are out of the Battles, My Opponent will most likely go for Archery Damage so Sloan + Pelacor Arabest is a Go-to and less probably Magic Damage since Death is banned from this battle so Obsidian Team but it will suffer from CounterSpell:

My team Composition:

sThis Epic Summoner deserve its Popularity! In this Speed Meta, any speed manipulation can make or break a battle but the main reason for this pick is Return Fire Ability thus making sure to build a Perfect Defense against all type of damage in this Battle!
t4 Speed + Flying + 5 Health for only 2 mana can make a great Tank for this battle while reflecting both Magic and Ranged Damage and preserving more mana pool for backline Monsters choice!
git's true that this is a Magic damage Monster that will suffer from CounterSpell but since we're playing a Defensive composition, Djinn will play the role of an Off-Tank with 6 Health + Streghten in case Pelacor Conjurer Died
dA perfect battle for Dax! We have a Perfect Defense situation and we just need Amplify to increase the reflection damage!
dA defensive composition needs at least a Tank Heal and you got this, Moreover it deals Ranged damage so it's a win-win condition in this Ruleset
dA Neutral Reward Soulbound Card and our Main Damage dealer. Camouflage will hide it from any Snipe attacks and will deal 6 damage every other round with Recharge

Battle Link

Round 1


Welp, enemy went for magic Damage so it shall be punished for the lack of Respect! Let's see how it goes after a series of Buffs:

  • Enemy got a total of 10 Magic damage per round
  • My team got 3 Magic Damage and (1+ (6/2)) Ranged Damage for a total of 7 Total Damage + Return Fire + CounterSpell + Amplify

Magic Reflect will reflect half of the magic damage dealt + 1 additional Magic damage with Amplify

  • 2 Damage Dealt will reflect (1+1) Damage back = 2
  • 3 Damage Dealt will reflect (2+1) Damage back = 3

Round 2


  • Pelacor Conjurer was able to Tank ALL the Magic Damage on the 1st Round before Dying: Reflection Damage: 10 Damage
  • Khimer Princess Died in a single Reflection
  • Goblin Psychic Died (too) in a single Reflection

Round 3


Mycelic Slipspawn Couldn't handle all the Direct Damage and Reflection Damage in this Round and was finished by Gobson Bomber Recharge Attack!
Now only Regal Peryton is helplessly left!

End of the Battle for a Clean Win



Battle Dicussion

  • Magic Damage might be the most oppressive type of Damage but going against the Ruleset will cost you a lot unless you're taking some kind of insurance (Like Djinn Oshannus Void that can nullify the Reflection Damage)
  • Sometimes a Defense Composition can win you easily the battle
  • Prismatic Energy could've been a great Tank in this Battle (lots of Health and Naturally Magic Reflect)
  • Iziar the new soulbound Legendary Card would be broken in this battle too!

Thanks a lot for reading and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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