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While most are skeptical about the new Soulbound Rewards Cards by not being able to buy/sell/trade, I just felt like for me, being a lowly Silver player, a great opportunity to build up a fresh and be ready to battle without the need of expensive OP cards either the old beta rewards cards like the infamous Ruler of the Sea.

So for today's post, I'll be discussing about some of the Souldbound cards and their similarities (or equivalent use-case) to some of the Old Cards:

Riverboat Captain & Ruler of the Seas

I do think that most of us did felt the similarities between both these cards despite the difference between the Rarity, both have the alpha look design and the sparks around them so I'll be breaking down these couple of cards depending on the League playability instead of the levels

LeagueRiverboat CaptainRuler of the Seas
  • For 6 Mana, both these cards are similar in term of damage (2 Magic Damage) and most importantly Blast ability making them deal up to 5 damage per turn if followed by a summoner like Alric or even better Valnamor!
  • A slight advantage in term of Speed for Ruler of the Seas but doesn't matter too much at this league
LeagueRiverboat CaptainRuler of the Seas
  • At the silver level, it gets more in favor of the Ruler of the Seas by gaining the 3rd magic attack, and the Captain's additional speed don't make a big difference. In term of damage, if followed but Alric or Valnamor, there won't be a huge difference in term of damage output for both Monsters.
  • Ability wise, Swiftness is way more useful compared to Affliction (but still decent against Life Heal sluts)
LeagueRiverboat CaptainRuler of the Seas
  • At the Gold League, Riverboat Captain catches up with the additional 3rd Magic Damage and both cards looks pretty much the same! In addition, it'll be pretty effective coupled with other summoners like Kelya and Lux Vega
  • Again, Ruler of the Seas holds the advantages in term of abilities, Silence is huge in All-Mages battles, talk about a Legendary Card at the cost of $35 per BCX
LeagueRiverboat CaptainRuler of the Seas
  • Ruler of the Seas gets the upper hand with the additional Magic Damage and should be extremely dangerous with Alric or Valnamor
  • Captain didn't gain much from the level up except the additional health and Fury Ability
    • Fury + Affliction is extremely decent against the emerging Taunt + Heal + Ressurect OP strats

Dumacke Orc and Enchanted Defender

Enchanted Defender can be unknown to the new players but was pretty popular before the Chaos Legion Release and was generally placed at the last position to take on and punish the Sneak and Opportunity attackers with Thorns
Since Dumacke Orc gets Throns on the Diamond Level, the comparaison will be focused on the Diamond+ League:

LeagueDumacke OrcEnchanted Defender
  • Both these cards are pretty much the same! Both Neutral Cards with a single health and Lots of Armor associated with a whopping 4 Melee Damage for just 4 and 6 Mana in addition to the main utility: Thorns
  • What makes Dumacke Orc shine is the Abilities, not only it got Shield that reduced by half the upcoming damage but also Retaliate having 50% chance to return the favor with an even deadlier attack after suffering Thorns Damage. Talk about a perfect counter to Sneak/Opportunity Monsters!

Drybone Raider & The Vigilator

In certain rulesets, like Equal Opoortunity, The Vigilator is a auto-win pick due to the Double Strike and Double type of attacks leading to a total of 4 attacks per turn. Besides, a similar Legendary was created with a similar specifics, let's get right into the details of both these cards.

LeagueDrybone RaiderThe Vigilator
  • This huge Mana cost is justified with all this couple of Monsters have to offer, although Dryone Raider is vulnerable to Giant Killer, it's still way better tankier than the Vigilator with the additional Armor but won't make to perfect spot for the Tank position and couldn't fire its ranged attack.
  • In perfect consitions, both monsters can fire at total of 4 Melee Damage and 2 Ranged damage for a total of 6 Damage per round
LeagueDrybone RaiderThe Vigilator
  • Both Monsters receive a huge powerspike:
    • The Vigilator gets an additional Melee Damage for a total of 3 Melee + 1 Ranged + Thorns ability
    • Drybone Rider get's a second Ranged Damage for a total of 2 Melee + 2 Ranged + Shatter Ability
  • While the Thorns offers an additional tankiness to The Vigilator, Shatter SYNERGIZE so well with Drybone kit: getting rid of the Armor on the 1st attack and GARANTEE all the remaining 3 attacks to hit the enemy's health is huge!
LeagueDrybone RaiderThe Vigilator
  • PS: It's actually 3 Melee + 1 Ranged Damage for The Vigilator

  • There no change for both monsters in term of basic stats, however each one of them gets a 3rd ability:

    • Cripple for Drybone
    • Poison for The Vigilator
  • Again the synergy is insane for both Monsters, For the Vigilator, you have 4 opportunities to proc Poison. As for Drybone Raider, it procs Cripple 4 times greatly cutting enemy's healing and works effectively well on enemies with Shield + Demoralize

LeagueDrybone RaiderThe Vigilator
  • Now these monsters are at full power! they finally unlock the additional attack for a whopping total of 10 Damage per round
  • No additional abilities (it'll be too OP!)
  • I'm really curious about the market value of Drybone once it'll get release to the market, and it'll pretty expensive for sure !

Bonus: Shieldbearer & Iziar

Not quite the same, but Iziar plays the same role against Magic damage.
Honestly I think Iziar is too OP if used correctly at the higher league when Martyr is unlocked but this will be subject in another post (and hopefully get her in my daily rewards)


If we want to make a comparaison;

Riverboat Captain doesn't fall too much behind Ruler of the Seas, the fact this soulbound card is close in power to the Legendary Water monster is huge on itself!

Dumacke Orc is way superior to Enchanted Defender especially at the higher Leagues.

Drybone Raider is slighty better than The Vigilator in my opinion reagrding its abilities synergy with the Double Strike

Thanks a lot for reading and Good luck Have Fun on your Splinterlands Battles!

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