My 1st LPUD! Buying and Powering Up LEO using LEODEX!

Hello Leofinance community!
After missing the first couple of months to participate in LPUD on the 15th of each month, I won't be missing this for the 3rd time! Last month was a record-breaking 175 Lion Powering up! So I will be at least the 176th to join the Party!

But before that I need to get myself some $LEO!

Buying LEO

I've got 289 Liquid LEO sitting on my account, so I wanted to get myself ready at least for March and April LPUD

That's why I got myself 11 LEO to reach the 300 LEO mark and split powering them up for these couple of months:

Power Up using LeoDex

Since it's LPUD, I should be doing it in Lion's style by using the LEODEX interface and I daresay its pretty slick and userfriendly!

So here I got my LEO ready to Powerup:

And putting the required LEO (150) to stake or power up:

TADA! Finally I've got myself some LEO POWER and my votes will at least be worth something! (not really haha)

But why I'm taking part in LPUD

  • It benefits the community and the project, the more staked staked LEO, the less liquidity it gets and the higher the price can get.
  • Second, same as hive, the more you power up, the higher curation rewards you get (and voting power!)
  • Third, the post can receive some love from LeoFinance members and maybe from @leo.voter itself!
  • Fourth, automatically becoming eligible for one of these Leo delegation prizes:
    lpu 5.PNG
    Check out more from the original post

    PS: These delegation will let you reach your monthly goal even faster!


If you ever have some doubts about if you're still early or late for any Power-up (LEO or Hive) depending on the timezone: Check out hivebuzz and go into the Power up Menu.
You'll find out a ticking clock showing how much time is left.

Happy LPUD and Good Luck!

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