Spinterland's Rent-A-Deck Project - Day 5


This is the post #5 on my new Splinterlands Rent-A-Deck Project.

The goal of this project is to see how strong of a Spinterlands deck I can build just from the earnings on posting about this project and playing the game.


Earnings Update

Day 4's earnings were the best yet. I managed to catch a couple nice upvotes from some #LEO celebs which helped a lot. I managed to earn around $5.50 which will go a long way in the rental market. Thanks to everyone who has supported this project with their up-votes!


Time to Go Shopping

No new advice on cards to get from the comments yesterday, so I was on my own to make some picks.

I decided it was time to get my Fire Summoner and picked up a 8th Level Malric Inferno. He will be the lead for when I want to go melee heavy.


I found a deal on a Level 10 Rusty Android at just $0.004 per day with no escrow. He came in at a whopping 20,000 power/dollar efficiency! The best by far of any of the cards in my deck.


I decided to pick up a Level 10 Parasitic Growth for $0.01/day. As a melee card he will go well with my Fire deck and still be very good in other decks.


Sticking with cards I use, I picked up a Level 6 Mischievous Mermaid to help strengthen my Water deck. Neat thing is I found a Alpha card that was the cheapest, so this card will help pay for itself when I use it.


Next, I picked up a Level 10 Kobald Miner for $0.02 per day. He wasn't great for power efficiency, but is a card I will get a lot of use out of.


I looked long and hard trying to find a Earth summoner but they are pricey so instead I decided to go for maximum power efficiency and picked up some real high level cheap cards.

Level 10 Wave Runner was a great power addition at a mere $0.002 per day. He was such a good deal I decided to put him on a 60 day contract.


A level 10 Level 10 Biceratops cost me $0.004/day.


I decided to pick up another magic card, but not just any magic card, a Level 6 Gloridax Magus! He added 12,000 power all on his own for just 0.01 cents/day.


After that I basically got tired of shopping! LOL. Seriously, I still had a $1.50 to go but decided to save it for tomorrows shopping.



With the addition of today's cards I am now in the Gold II League. Depending on my earnings for today's post I think I will be able to hit Gold I before the end of the season. I already have the rating so I just need some upvotes! Hint hint!



Today I opened 6 chests (I was still in Gold III at that point) and managed to snag four more cards, including one rare. So far the rewards have been very good, I have picked up 11 cards in total since this project started.


My DEC earnings were very good too earning over 300 DEC again.

What Is Next

I still need to get a Earth Summoner and then pickup a few critical Earth monsters. After that I will continue trying to work on maximum efficiency.

I expect I will be able to get to Gold I tomorrow as I'm just shy of 30,000 Power from that level. From there the next stop is Diamond III! If I get another day like yesterday in post rewards I might be able to reach Diamond before the new season starts! That would be absolutely crazy.

Are You Playing?

Are you playing Splinterlands? If so, drop me a note with some ideas on what cards I should be looking to get. If not, consider signing up using my referral code - https://splinterlands.com?ref=nexus08

Thanks For Reading

I hope you find this project interesting and come back tomorrow to see how the project is going. Please consider giving me an up-vote to help this project grow!



I'm not a financial advisory and this is not financial advice, these are just my thoughts. DYOR and all investments have risk. Splinterlands is a game, not an investment. Yada yada.

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