Movie Review: Hatching / Pahanhautoja


Hello, Hive. I'm Captain Spalding, a big fan of horror movies and fried chicken, and today I'm telling you about the excellent movie Hatching (Pahanhautoja) from the Swedish and Finnish filmmakers.

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The story revolves around an ordinary Scandinavian family - a vlogger mom, her spouse and a couple of kids. The mother is diligently building an ideal life, the father plays the guitar or does gardening and the eldest daughter is diligently doing gymnastics. One day a bird flies in and makes a real mess, and that night the girl finds a strange egg in the woods and takes it home with her and decides to raise the bird.

Of course, no bird at all will hatch from the egg...

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It doesn't sound too exciting, but trust me - the story is great. The metaphors for growing up, the toxic relationships, the repression of rage - the filmmakers know exactly what they're talking about, and the 12-year-old Siiri Solalinna in the lead role is wonderfully good and does just fine (while the writers give her character no leeway and make her life a real emotional hell).

In addition to her talent, I can't help but mention the gorgeous animatronics. The creature that hatched from the egg looks quite repulsive, and its angular plastic and piercing stare drive you to goosebumps.

If you like smart horror movies, you definitely need to see this.

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