Photofeed Contest - Street Photography Round 16: "Heralds of Spring"

Heralds of Spring


Directly from the chaotic & noisy India I came back to my hometown Opatija, Croatia for the end of carnival times. Those days are always the most intensive days of the carnival times. This shot I made last Saturday in Matulji, Croatia during the bell-carriers street parade. The bell-carriers are Croatian traditional masks & of all the carnival I like them most.

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This is my entry to #photofeed contest. Thanks @photofeed for starting up & continuing a new photography contest on Hive!

The upper shot I made with Nikon D800 & Sigma 105 mm 1:2.8 DG Macro HSM lens & for the self-portrait below I used the same camera but different lens - Nikon AF Nikkor 35-70 mm.

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