This is my entry for the #monomad challenge: "Moment of Beauty 1.2"

Moment of Beauty 1.2






This is probably the last post from the fashion shoot with my friend's Jude clothes & Maddie as model from my last visit to Arambol, Goa, India just few weeks ago. Jude didn't have so much clothes to make Maddie change a lot so I also didn't do so man photos. Maybe still I find some good shot but for now, I believe this is the last. I really enjoy the beauty of Maddie's figure & curves & the way how she moves. So elegant. It was pleasure to work with those girls. The jewelry was made by Pamela.

This is my entry to #monomad challenge. Thanks @monochromes for keeping up this great photo challenge! You can choose any of the photos from this post as an entry to the contest.

All the shots I made with Nikon D800 & Nikon AF Nikkor 35-70 mm lens.

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he looks very professional


Yes! That's exactly what I told her! & we found this girl randomly in a bar & asked her to be our model & she accepted. The next day we went shooting! Incredible, ha?!