It is necessary to know what we have and why we have it

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What if we have something and we don't know the reasons why we have it?

The answer is very easy, we may be in danger of losing it.

Imagine the fact that we worked hard, a lifetime to get a house, cars, alternate properties, companies, but we never explain to our children how we did to get it, once we die our children will inherit it, but not knowing the sacrifice it cost us to get it, most likely they squandered everything they inherited because they think it is money and property they have obtained without effort and as their parents never explained anything, then they lose everything.

There is no guarantee that by explaining to people the origin and meaning of what they have, they will not lose everything, however what is sought is to reach the full consciousness of the people who have something inherited, to take care of what they have obtained, since there were people who worked a lifetime for it, and they deserve that what they have obtained lasts for generations.

If there is a good moral and ethics, then people will give value to what they have, if what they have is little, in the same way it will be given value, it will be taken care of and will be repatriated, if they have a lot in the same way it should be valued and taken care of, since most likely what we have today is the product and sacrifice of other people who were even willing to give their lives for it.

If we know what we have, if we know its characteristics, functionality, then we will find the real reasons for its demand, it is from that point that we will decide if what we have is still with us, or on the contrary we get rid of it.

For example, sometimes we end up buying something that we do not know if we really need it or not, then looking to understand everything about what we buy we realize that it has a functionality and we make the decision to keep it, on the contrary if we do not get it functionality then we get rid of it from our lives.

On the other hand, when we know the reasons of how we obtained such material good, is when we are going to value and take care of what we acquired and have, if it is by effort of our work most likely we will value it, if it is an inherited good most likely we will take care of it, and so on depending on the reasons of how we obtained it we will give it value.