Provide authority and responsibility to others and thus have a degree of influence that helps our personal benefit


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Hello friends, I hope you are all well.

There are several circumstances in life that lead us to have confrontations with other people with the wrong objective of defending our interests, however this may not be a good option if we want to achieve good results, let's see why.

Let's take two basic examples to understand the strategy I want to explain in this post.

[1] Relations with our neighbors.

It is very well known that our neighbors almost always do not take care of the behavior and performance of their children when they are away from home, then there is the probability that we will have confrontation problems with these neighbor children if we do not apply another strategy other than confrontation.

Let's suppose that we have a nice lawn at the entrance of our house, but the neighbor children play on it constantly and damage it, but we feel that the more we complain the worse they do, then we conclude that complaining and confronting them does not solve the problem, since the children continue to spoil our lawn, is the moment when we ask ourselves:

And now what strategy to apply that can help me?

It does not matter at what age or at what level, but the human being by nature has always liked to be assigned roles of rank and authority, then perhaps it is a good strategy for children, children imagine many things, and they are at a stage where everything is related to play, what if we say for example that we name the child who is not damaging the lawn as head of security of our lawn. This will make him like it and instead of damaging it, he will take care of it from other children, and instead of confronting him and making him our enemy, we would be gaining an ally.

[2] Now let's move to a corporate work environment.

As a leader we must know how our subordinates act and think, that's why if we notice apathy in one of our employees, then we must understand that it is necessary to apply a plan of action to change the pace of action of the problematic and unproductive employee.

For example, let's suppose we have a worker in an appliance warehouse, and we give him the order to separate and organize the appliances by functionality, and when we go there we see that everything is the same, then we can try appointing him as head of warehouse logistics, with this we are giving him a responsibility that suddenly is what he wants.

As a conclusion of the case it can be very effective as a strategy to assign responsibilities with high-ranking positions to people close to us who act in an apathetic way, all with the best intention to achieve good relations and at the same time solve the problems that arise.