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Hello everyone, everything good?
I come here to tell you the news about my journey in Splinterlands


After all the changes that have been implemented recently in Splinterlands, I'm more motivated and willing to stick with the game and also here on the blog, as it's a great source of fundraising to invest in the game.

With the rank rank split, and looking at my deck, I see that it's viable to continue Wild Ranked for now, even though Modern mode is giving a higher return in DEC per battles.

I'm not the one who buys PACKs, I see how much the card can serve me, its efficiency and I research the market. So I do an analysis on all the purchases I intend to make, and of course, taking advantage of market down cycles is essential.

I believe that Splinterlands has a lot to grow and is currently at great prices to acquire cards and reinforce my deck, so I went shopping.

Aiming to participate in Modern CHAOS LEGION tournaments, I focused on looking for cards I didn't have to help me in battles or just to compose my deck and have as an option if I need to.

QUIX THE DEVIOUS very powerful legendary dragon summoner. 💵($15.98) DEC 25318
BAAKJIRA legendary monster of the Water Element. 💵($5.57) DEC 8825
RIVER HELLONDALE legendary monster of the Water Element. 💵($4.19) DEC 6648
WAVE BROOD epic monster of the Water Element. 💵($1.38) DEC 2192
TEMPORAL MASTER Life Element epic monster. 💵($0.25) DEC 401
INSIDIOUS WARLOCK Epic Death Element monster. 💵($0.27) DEC 436
DJINN MUIRAT Legendary monster of the Death Element. 💵($3.95) DEC 6261

TOTAL PURCHASES 💵($31,60) DEC 50.081

How I bought in monstermaket, I received cashback on the purchase of 1581 DEC

My deck is now like this


Number of cards: 1593

🔘Common: 1123 🔘Rare: 351 🔘Epic: 82 🔘Legendary: 37
Alpha: 0
Beta: 12
Promo: 2
Reward: 1143
Untamed: 201
Dice: 51
Gladius: 10
Chaos: 174
Gold cards: 43



All cards are extremely important and will help me a lot in my battles

There are still a few cards left to complete the CHAOS LEGION collection, but I'm already planning to buy them. And then evolve them.

I also completed at Stake 600 SPS and now I can participate in the Tournament Summoners' Novice Beginner Training


Now it's time to practice and battle. Come on!

♥️ Thanks for reading ♥️


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