Due to unforeseen circumstances, I missed last week's question that talked about spirituality but this week, I have been conscious about making sure I check the community to get the question for this week on time and create time to answer the question.

So, this week says;


I have heard people blame God for their suffering and I must say that they are ignorant of what they are saying and deserve to know the truth but unfortunately, most of them have refused to see or hear the truth.

Although God created everything which includes the good and the bad but it is in our will to choose which one we wish to have, so I believe some suffering people go through was created by their own hands.

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I will be stating the reasons why people suffer in life because I am quite sure God is a beautiful God and never intends for us to suffer but humans have refused to do the right thing to eradicate suffering and enjoy or bask in the good side of life.


A few days ago, while reading my Bible, I came to the book of Genesis chapter 2, when we take a good look at the scripture, from chapter 1 which happens to talk about his creations, we will realize that Gk od has kept and put everything a man will need to make life ends meet but many have become lazy to stand up and grasp the opportunities set before them all expecting God to rain manna's from heaven which I am sure will never happen or perhaps if it would happen, it won't be because of them.

Genesis 2 vs 15; The Lord God took the man and put him in the garden of Eden to work it and keep it.

God is never an author of confusion and has never been, many people believe so much in luck and free things that they've refused to sit back and check within themselves to see the wisdom and gift God has embedded in them that will help them meet ends meet. They have sat down with the mindset of "God's time is the best" which they do not understand and have refused to go out there to make ends meet for themselves and their families.


17: but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in the day that you eat of it you shall surely die.”

It is also said that what a man sows, so shall he reap. We saw how the first man and woman disobeyed and we saw their punishment for disobedience.

Man is suffering because of his or her stubbornness/ disobedience to follow the principles of life. The principles of life are quite a simple one but many out of disobedience or stubbornness go against these rules and end up suffering because of their act.

A driver is asked to always go out with his car document and one day he decided not to go out and unfortunately, he was stopped by the officers of the law and asked for his car documents or particular and that was the same day, he refused to pick it up from his table even when his wife had pleaded with him to go with it.

He is arrested and detained for not having a document to his car and unfortunately, he could not reach out to his wife to help him bring his document so he can clear his name, or perhaps, his car is seized and he is asked to go back home to get his particle.

To be able to get back his car, he has to go through so many rigorous steps and that is another suffering entirely which he caused by himself.

- Wrong Choices

An example of one suffering here us in marriage, making the wrong choice. Right from creation, we've been given the right to make choices for ourselves and it is in our place to make good choices that won't harm us later in life.

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Genesis 2:16; And the Lord God commanded the man, saying, “You may surely eat of every tree of the garden,

A woman decides to get married to a man because of his money and dumps the other because she feels she doesn't want to build from scratch with him and ends up marrying a man who abuses her physically. Will can't blame God for her suffering, She is the author of her suffering and will face it till the day she does or he dies.


Greediness is also the reason why many are suffering. I will be using ladies as an example to make my explanation.

Today, we hear stories of ladies dying, and most especially many of them died or has died because of their greed for money they did not make. I don't generalize things but it is shocking how some ladies in a bid to get money, decide to sell themselves up for money only to end up being used for money rituals. Some of them come out alive but I better died than alive because of the suffering they go through every day while some never return alive.

Some guys who are greedy to get quick money and have refused to go out there like the rest of mate to make money, also end up victims of suffering because many times they go into things and do things they were not meant to do and one day, whatever they did will backfire back to them rendering them useless, perhaps mad, or poverty-stricken for the rest of their lives while others end up dead.

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God never created suffering for anyone, and never wanted anyone to suffer but man's decision has caused many to suffer. With all listed above, it is no lie that we humans are the reason behind our suffering, yet we blame God for our suffering, forgotten we are defaulters.

I mean, he gave us the free will to choose and if we decided to choose suffering then He respects our chooses and leaves us to face the consequences of our choice.