[ESP - ENG] Insects in the hallway of my house

Hola mi gente de Hive, hoy les traigo unas fotos de un insecto conocido como chinche verde. Proviene de la familia pentastómidos, y es muy conocido por desprender un mal olor intenso e irritable si es molestado, amenazado o pisoteado.

Este insecto estaba dando un paseo en el pasillo de mi casa, al verlo busco el teléfono y me acerco para fotografiarlo. Mientras me acercaba noté que le faltaba una de sus patas delanteras, lo cual le impedía caminar con facilidad. Por un momento alzó sus alas para marcharse pero tenía algo que no le permitió irse aún no se la razón. Lo bueno de todo es que no le importó quedarse y posar un rato para mí.

Hello my Hive people, today I bring you some pictures of an insect known as the green bug. It comes from the pentastomid family, and is well known for giving off an intense and irritable odor if disturbed, threatened or trampled.

This insect was taking a walk in the hallway of my house, when I saw it I reached for my phone and approached it to take a picture. As I approached I noticed that it was missing one of its front legs, which prevented it from walking easily. For a moment he lifted his wings to leave but he had something that did not allow him to leave, I still do not know the reason. The good thing is that he didn't mind staying and posing for a while for me.






En ese mismo momento mientras lo fotografiaba, levante la mirada y estaban dos hormigas negras luchando para llevar un grano de arroz a su casa, observé que una de ellas estaba desesperada se iba y se volvía a regresar para ayudar. Es impresionante como estos insectos trabajan en equipo.

At that very moment while I was photographing him, I looked up and there were two black ants struggling to carry a grain of rice to their home, I noticed that one of them was desperate, he left and came back to help. It is amazing how these insects work as a team.





Me gustaron estas fotos de mis nuevos visitantes y quise compartirlas con ustedes.

I liked these photos of my new visitors and wanted to share them with you.

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Con información tomada de: Chinche verde - Nezara viridula




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