BATTLE MAGE SECRETS: When General Sloan don't miss


We're now entering a new era of blogging with Splinterlands.
Splinterlands leveled up their weekly challenge with BATTLE MAGE SECRETS.
I will now have to show off my strategies based on rulesets.

This week's challenge is to show off a battle where we played Aim True.

AIM TRUE weekly challenge

Choose higher speed or higher health combined with high damage output monsters.
Blind, flying, dodge, backfire and phase are useless in this ruleset.

You can check out this BATTLE MAGE SECRETS Weekly Challenge link if you also want to participate.

Aim True
Tis but Scratches
Even Stevens

Mana Cap: 24
Elements: Fire, Life, Death, Dragon

Game Modifications

This is an Aim True ruleset game so all attacks always hit their target. No room for evasion.

Aim True

This is a Tis but Scratches ruleset game so all monsters have the Cripple ability.

Tis but Scratches

This is a Even Stevens ruleset game so only Monsters with even Mana costs may be used in battles.

Even Stevens

Let the battle begin!

You may also watch battle here.

Summoner: General Sloan

All friendly ranged monsters gain +1 attack damage

General Sloan together with ranged monsters in Life deals a lot of damage to enemies.
My only problem when choosing General Sloan is they usually miss attacks.
With this Aim True ruleset, it's not a problem anymore. My line-up can just run through enemy line-up.

Ever since General Sloan was released, Mylor Crowling hasn't been that successful as it was before so we we shouldn't underestimate this guy.

General Sloan

Pos 1 Monster: **Pelacor Conjurer
Flying - Has +25% increased chance of evading Melee or Ranged attacks. But since this is a Aim True ruleset, this ability is useless in this game.

Magic Reflect - When hit with Magic damage, does reduced (equivalent to the attacker's damage divided by 2, rounded up) Magic damage back to the attacker.

To be fair, I did not choose this guy for his abilities. I chose this because of its high health for only 2 mana. This guy can take a lot of rounds from enemy helping my damage dealers last longer in the battlefield.

Pelacor Conjurer

Pos 2 Monster: Supply Runner

Swiftness - All friendly Monsters have +1 increased Speed

High speed should always be prioritized in this, except in Reverse Speed ruleset.
In Aim True, if you can attack first then you have the higher chance of winning.

Supply Runner

Pos 3 Monster: Xenith Archer

Xenith Archer doesn't have abilities, but he helps the team deal more damage for only 2 mana.
Since she is a ranged monster, he gets additional +1 damage from General Sloan so he deals 2 damage at the cost of 2 mana.

Xenith Archer

Pos 4 Monster: Pelacor Arbalest

Double Strike - he attacks twice each round.

This is where it gets interesting.
If you ask me, this monster is the best to be paired with General Sloan.
General Sloan grants him +1 damage so his damage output will be 3.
Then he has the Double Strike so he deals a total of 6 damage per round.

I also think he is the main reason why General Sloan is costing 4 mana, compared to Selenia Sky who only needs 3 mana and you can already access Dragon monsters.

Pelacor Arbalest

Pos 5 Monster: Venari Crystalsmith

Tank Heal - Restores a portion (1/3 rounded down or a minimum of 2) of its maximum health of the Monster in the first position's health each round

Aside from the Tank Heal, it also deal 2 +1 = 3 damage per round with a decent speed so it's a good choice for this line-up.

Venari Crystalsmith

Pos 6 Monster: Soul Fiend


It has no ability, but since it doesn't need to consume mana, it is always a good choice to include Soul Fiend in your line-up when you still have an open slot.

In case my enemy chose to play Sneak line-up, this is an additional meat shield before they touch my Venari Crystalsmith and Pelacor Arbalest.

Soul Fiend

Can't wait to see them in action? Let's watch the game.

You may also watch battle here.

Hope you learned something from my game and how I came up with this lineup.
What would you have done differently given the same ruleset, mana cap and active elements? Let us know by dropping a comment.

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