I'm Back from my Hiatus!

Hey guys! I am pausing my posting hiatus!! Hopefully for a long time lol. I have a lot of new things that I’m really excited to share with all of you! I have a lot of excuses for my hiatus but who cares cause I’m back, right? I missed all of you! Especially being part of the #needlework community.

I am going to start blogging about a wider variety of subjects, not exclusively crafting projects like in the past, so I hope you are all still interested in what I have to say. I am still very open to constructive criticism, tips on any related subjects, or straight up calling out mistakes, cause let’s be real, I’m a teenager and I make a lot of them. I appreciate all of your continued support for my endeavors in blogging!!

I started designing a dress yesterday, and I am very excited to make a post about it when I finish but as some of you remember, I’m usually too in the zone when designing to remember to get progress pictures. I will definitely remember to show you the finished product though. The pattern is roughly inspired by a dress I saw in a comic I read on WEBTOON, its called “How to Survive a Romance Fantasy.” This is the original drawing of the dress:


(I hope I’m not breaking any copyright laws by sharing this but I think I’m in the clear)

I am 14 now, and I currently have purple hair. I’ve been really busy with my homeschooling lately, studying geometry, English, U.S. history and geography, psych (which I am very excited about), German, environmental science, and an art class. I am also dabbling in coding, hacking, and French (French deeply befuddles me).


I have been very obsessed with music lately (as usual). I hope you are all surviving the current world events and not going completely crazy from it all. At this point not losing your mind or going on a rampage every day is a full accomplishment that should be celebrated. Rule #32 lol! (I really hope somebody in the comments gets that reference.)

My cats are still crazy, I have 4 living with me at the moment. Syrinx, the orange one, loves helping me with my pattern drafting.


This is my Dad's dog Sarah, and our kitty Scorch.


This is Bast, our stereotypical black cat.


This is Syrinx


This is Lucky, my younger sister's cat.

Anyhow, I hope to be back again soon with another post, peace out!