What was once a tree.


Greetings hivers, in this opportunity I share this brief and simple story or it could also be a reflection, and it is of a certain occasion when I was walking on the beach, it is about a tree, well what was once a tree and maybe a huge and leafy tree. However, now it was on the shore of the beach, hollow, and with a bunch of seaweed on top of it. How had it gotten there? I really don't know, either someone placed it there suddenly, or it was simply washed up by a strong storm.

It served a purpose for a while, providing shade, shelter for birds, among other things. But now in that place it only receives water day after day, possibly drowned in water at night and by day dressed in algae.

When I touched it I perceived how these algae covered this trunk, they felt like a certain skin, hair or a kind of carpet placed on top of this trunk, or like strands of thread stuck to it. Woe to that tree that was once very leafy

It is unfortunate when nature is not taken care of and ends up like this log, rotten, hollow and covered with algae.

We will always be indebted to nature, because it is she who brings us different benefits, life, joy. What would our life be without it, something we do well to meditate on.

So, dear readers, let's take care of our nature!
Thank you for the opportunity.

The images are my own, captured with my Redmi 9 C phone.

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This tree is part of nature and the landscape, it is very important for the surrounding habitat, as it shelters a number of small or large animals. I think everything in nature has a meaning. As it has its own life cycle. Therefore, one should not suffer at such a sight - it is in the order of things, if it happened naturally.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us 😊