How To Paint Different Types Of Trees


img_0.2992346353388106Hello Hiver friends, Welcome to my art blog. Today I painted different types of trees with acrylic paint. Painting a trees is entertaining, a great way to enhance your skill in art, specially to the beginners.

In this post I give some ideas on how to paint basic trees. and you will learn how to put highlights on your painting.

img_0.16623310080885803To draw a trunk and branches you can use a round brush, you can mix the brown and black. for the leaves use grass green and small amount of black, you can use filvert brush.

img_0.047194343042478715 For the highlights of the tree trunk you can use white and for the leaves is yellow and white.

img_0.1924309189736986The same process with the first one, start with the trunk, branches and leaves.

img_0.49083931376217566The only different with this one is the highlights of the leaves is more on yellow and white. don't forget to put extra detail of the tree like tree limbs.

img_0.6818816455146154 Start again painting the trunk and branches then leaves, but this time you will use brilliant red blend with small amount of white, this will become your first layer of the leaves. you can use filbert brush or fan brush for the leaves.

img_0.6492070884457499Since this is an autumn tree, the the amount of brilliant red is lesser than white paint. mix them together this will serve as the highlight of the autumn tree. The same brush you will use for the highlighy. You can put also some falling leaves just to give emphasis that this is an autumn tree, this will add beauty to the entire painting.

img_0.14269401939574605 This tree is also an autumn tree, I used yellow ochre mix with brown for the leaves.

img_0.85999879082449 For the highlight I mixed the yellow ochre and white.

Always remember in putting the highlights, you should know where the light comes from, because in painting there is shading and highlighting, these wll give the subject form and shape.


That's all for today, I hope you learn something from this post.
Thank you for stpping by! Have a great day, Happy Painting!😀

God Bless!


Oh how I wish I can paint the way you do.