Happy Moments With My Daughters


I just got to believe how my children became the reason how I could be a better version of a man, as a father most especially that they are growing so fast and need my guidance. Life is too bad sometimes when all that I want to do turned into nothing. This is one of life process preparing for the future of my children and our future.


Remembering those days when they were too young, a babies playing lollipop and how I cherished those thing being with them. Now, I am.a little bit away from home. Today is my birthday and I am not around. They missed me surely and I missed them too. One day, I will be home safe and sound good in the glory of God, the father.

Thank you hive and your support. Hoping to be active again but sometimes I get bored and got nothing to write and feel empty.

That's all for today

Happiest Birthday myself!