Love The Clouds #141 - Minfanao Clouds!

I went to the mountain to visit my friend and I found a beautiful place. A resourceful place and abundance. Then, I was lucky to remember @tobetada's contest. It was a quick video that I just cut and here are the clouds to share.



We are riding the motorcycle and stopping for a while. We didn't stop too long , we were on a hurry because, we don't want to stay on the road late at night in that mountain. We need to reach home before sunset. To funny, the one backriding my motor told me why we stop on that place. There are so many rebels and indigenous people who are living there and he was so afraid. He is not familiar. That's how much he was worried about it and he heard some bad stories.

Anyway, that's my clouds and thank you for the last time you upvoted me my entry.

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