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SUBTOPIC:How our Gift, Talent and Abilities impact other
QUESTION :Do you know how your gift, talent or abilities has impacted people consciously and unconsciously?

Over a long period of time now, the whole world has been a theatre of emulation and it is very obvious that we all learn, unlearn and relearn through one other irrespective of the distance between each other

(1)Parent. (2 Internet (3) Teacher or Mentor

Our gift, talent and abilities goes a long way in the Society and in the county at large but sometimes we do not pay so much attention to them.
Out of the the three major mediums listed above through which people learn, the "INTERNET" is one of the largest medium through which people learn the most.
The internet is full of packet of information that can transform ones life positively or negatively
Paying close attention to our platform here, Great shout out to the people behind this great website "PEACK D" we all are able to learn and benefit from the great impact of the website, this is the power of an internet in impacting others positively

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In our everyday life we all see different Gift,Talent and Abiities that we want to copy or imitate and at the same time people see our own areas of Grace and they also feel the same,some people will approach you to tell you while some people will keep it in their heart, one way or the other they have been blessed already

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Let me share with you briefly my story in the journey of music (When I started), how I Impacted some people without knowing

I am a Musician just as I have explained in the introductory post,and my major area in music is "DRUMMING"
It all happen on that faithful day when I was drumming during my church anniversary,there were severe Musician and upcoming Musician in the program.And I am somebody that loves playing drums not just because of the fun of it or because of the people watching but because of the blessings the sounds gives to me. The program was Remarkable,after the program i got alot of positive feedbacks from people, most of them where like "WOW... I WANT TO LEARN FROM YOU",and I was like "Thank you" "Okay" "You are welcome" . Most of them started dropping their phone numbers, I collected alot of phone number that day.
When I got home after the program I was Happy and at the same time I was challenged because then I can only play what comes to my head I don't really know much theories in drumming.This positive feedback takes me back to the basics and I start to learn,unlearn and relearn through friends, mentor and the internet till I was able to know more, and not just knowing to help myself alone but knowing to impact others also.That was how i was able to know more about the theoretical and practical part of drumming and it is still helping me till date.
It happened four years ago, So I was able to become a "Drums instructor" through that little positive feedback and challenge that happened to me. Our Gift, Talent and abilities don't just impact other alone but it also build us.
It is not all about showing your gift, talent and abilities to impress others alone but to use it to bless and impact other
By doing your own best and you will see how you will start breeding and producing people like you and possibly people better than you.
When football, television and many other things was first invented they were not has good looking as they are now, this is power of an existing knowledge to create a new thing of the same object in an advance way
Irrespective of what you do or what you are doing you are a blessing to people consciously and unconsciously, that is why it is good to engage in good things, so when people are imitating us we will always be a blessing to them

I believe you have just been blessed by this content..stay tune for more content
Thank you so much for your time
Do have a blessed week ahead. Don't forget you are always a blessing no matter what happen


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