Discipline is success ... Start with three questions


Discipline is not easy, most people would say that it is easier to buy a meal than to prepare it, that it is easier to wake up at 10 in the morning than at 6, to go to bed late, to be late for meetings, it is easy to see The networks that read a book, this is one of the great weaknesses that we always go to ease, nothing to effort, having a discipline.

So if we do not go easy we will never get anything, than to go for the most difficult thing to achieve success, discipline is closely linked to success, because if in this we would not have good production, we must have a commitment with ourselves, we want success abundance the first step is to have discipline. Because life is not designed to give you what you need but to give you what you deserve, if you did not sow then what do you expect to reap? If you plant few then your harvest will be small? You have to comply with what you say not only boast with your speech that you are going to do something but never take the initiative to take care of bringing things to reality, do not postpone your success any longer, it is not that I will start tomorrow, but it is strong to start in life is all like that, nothing easy comes to life.

Do not want fewer problems, you want skills that you can solve, do not ask for money, ask for wisdom to be able to obtain the money and keep it, because today you can have the money, but if you do not manage it wisely, that money will go where it came, it will go out of your hands without realize, when you see your hands will be empty.

Ask yourself these questions


Why should I try? why should you read a lot of books? why get up early? why learn something new?

Why not?

Why not what else are you going to do with your life? why not get up early? why can't you learn something new? why can't you read more books? how much personality could you develop? influence that you could have, goals to achieve, why not?

Why not YOU?

Whoever gets up early starts a new business? the one who travels abroad and starts over with new goals, why not you? Why can't you be that person that differentiates you from the others? What is the difference from a poor man to a rich man? It is not just your money there are many things that differentiate your mentality, discipline has a lot to do with it. So why not you? You have to get up early, read books, get wisdom and knowledge, invest in yourself, change your way of being, before changing the world we must first change ourselves, where we are failing, what are our limitations that we impose on ourselves every day to start something, everyone Your results come from your expended of discipline.

Why not start now?

Let your future postpone never again, get up with your best effort with the greatest energy with that enthusiasm and love for life, for what you want in your life, you start your goals, your projects, your business, why not start it now at this time why wait more? life goes without realizing it and time is the only thing you can never get back.

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