Venezuela: a country full of wealth, but with a socialism that condemns it


It is a title that has a lot of reality since my country Venezuela is one of the countries rich in natural resources with one of the largest reserves of oil, minerals such as bauxite, coltan, iron, gold, copper, kaolin, dolomite and diamonds, To the south exactly in the Amazon jungle we have one of the largest bioferas reserves, the tenth to have water resources, with the most coastline in the Caribbean Sea, we have mountains with cold climates, medanos de coro with a part of desert, plains where Corn and different crops grow, the Tepuis, one of the oldest part of the earth, with the highest waterfall in the world, we have so many riches that have remained as oblivion, or like a mist that has covered all these beautiful things that exist In our country.

At the same time rich for having a humanist person despite the fact that some stain the image of our people committing crimes and crimes, but I know that there are many good people where when they need to meet to help others, it is said that a friend is, or it is known when we are in the bad, in my country we have lived it in helping others, where in turn we want to get ahead and fight, and in turn feel the homophobia of brother countries but all this is due to being condemned in a socialism that painted a beautiful picture those excluded people who at some point were condemned in poverty but the worst today are poorer than you do 20 years ago, where a pensioner charges $ 2 a month that does not even reach 1/2 egg carton.

Socialist economy

One of the great denotations that exists is the lack of control of inflation where we even had another monetary reconversion that gives a total of 14 zero that have been taken from our currency in these 20 years of socialism, where they have given different names to the bolivar de going from the fort, to the sovereign until today the digital but that we have gained with these poorly administered policies where we have a plummeting production of oil, shortages of food and medicine where if you acquire it it is a price tripled where in the Tomorrow is a price in the other night making that there is no economic stability neither in the country, nor in each family home, where do you feel the uncertainty in which you will eat tomorrow? or if it was eaten? causing many people to go abroad fleeing this crisis to be able to help what remains in the country.

In the 90s, Venezuela was among the fifth largest economy in Latin America and has a nominal GDP of 91.905 million dollars, but now we are with a delay of more than 40 years and not only in the economic part but also in the technological part. , with ineffective internet making us in this in the last countries with a trashy internet. We are at a level like the Nigerian or African countries, this policy led to retaliation and destruction in one of the richest countries in Latin America.


Cryptocurrency a lifesaver for Venezuela

What he hears in my country who until now has had a little success or have a stable economy at home, is that he has learned to give value to the internet, a pc or a phone, not only in looking for nonsense, but to give it value productive where many people have been refugees have sought solutions with them to work, invest and get ahead with cryptocurrency.

Venezuela has become one of the countries with great changes or movements in relation to cryptocurrency, where in order to have a purchasing value of money, it will not leave the fiat currency, but rather transform it into a cryptocurrency either to invest, or to support its value. "In a report published in 2020, Chainalysis, a startup investigating blockchain transactions, ranked Venezuela third in its Global Crypto Adoption Index, a ranking largely driven by high transaction volumes in bolivars." It is not to focus on the Cryptocurrency created by the eastern government called "Petro" a project where there has been another haze in the country's economy, but on cryptocurrency known as bitcoin being one of the kings, one of the platforms used is LocalBitcoins, But who is also generating popularity in this country is Binance since April 2020, which offers a P2P exchange service allowing to trade more than 100 digital assets, but one of the great ones that has become popular is due to the low commissions that you offer in each transactions making it one of the most demanding platforms.

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