Sharing Our Trip to Tuguegarao City


Hi fellow hiveans! Hope everything is well with you fellows.

I just want to share my written blog about our trip when we went to the hospital in Tuguegarao the month of March this year. We went there because our mother will be going on a check up. Although that day was not the very first check up of my mother because the doctor told her to return for another schedule to know the result of the check up.

On the very first time our mother went in Cagayan Valley Medical Center (CVMC) in Tuguegarao for a check up, I wasn't there and only my sister and our father is with her including the friends who encouraged our mother to go on a check up and helped them to guide where the direction of the hospital is and any other matters because that was far from our town and none of us in the members of the family were familiar of the way going to CVMC in Tuguegarao so they needed their help.

The friends who went with them rode a tricycle while our mother and father rode the single motor.


image originally from my sister @joreneagustin

Here's when my sister is waiting for them to be done.



two images originally from my sister @joreneagustin

While for the second return when I'm with them they hired someone we know for the vehicle we are going to ride on going to Tuguegarao because the city is somewhat far from our town so we made sure to have a convenient trip without being in trouble while we travel going to the hospital. So on that day, we woke up so early in the morning so that my mother will also be early in the line for check up.

We rode a tricycle and during our travel, we first went to the market in our town to buy something. Anyway, there are 2 hours of our travel in Tuguegarao when we got there.


When we're already there in Tuguegarao at Cagayan Valley Medical Center, my mother and my sister went inside, only the two of them. We're left outside and we're waiting for them to be done.









We waited there outside for too long, for 4 hours until it's already lunchtime. So when they're already done, we went into a restaurant near CVMC to take a lunch.

That was not the last return visit of my mother in the hospital because they gave her a schedule for her to come back again.

So that is all that I can share about our journey in Tuguegarao at the hospital.

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Good afternoon! How is your mother now?