Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
NEOXAG can be converted to NEOXAG POWER in a process called staking.
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.
HIVE can be converted to HIVE POWER in a process called staking.
HIVE Power
Influence tokens which give you more control over post payouts and allow you to earn curation rewards.
HIVE Dollar
Tradeable tokens that may be transferred anywhere at anytime.


Curation reward: 0.00016658 NEOXAG for gemafreya1234/iwjbcegc
Curation reward: 0.00023000 NEOXAG for mrcrack01/bidcpfjs
Curation reward: 0.00014292 NEOXAG for lorimusic/super-happy-with-my-new-frames-by-lorimusic
Curation reward: 0.00023788 NEOXAG for vivianlively/poaghjgf
Curation reward: 0.00033876 NEOXAG for lorimusic/uddtzfnn
Curation reward: 0.00062472 NEOXAG for mrcrack01/gxjvemol
Curation reward: 0.00034426 NEOXAG for luisangelis/esp-eng-rico-y-creativo-plato-de-frutas-rich-and-creative-fruit-plate-luisangelis
Author reward: 0.01122818 NEOXAG for centenorkelvin/rybqcl
Curation reward: 0.00015657 NEOXAG for obaro/odgjjeif
Curation reward: 0.00018554 NEOXAG for gemafreya1234/kcazgbgn
Curation reward: 0.00011013 NEOXAG for luisangelis/esp-eng-te-enseno-a-dibujar-a-un-gatito-i-teach-you-to-draw-a-kitten-luisangelis
Curation reward: 0.00017048 NEOXAG for zullyscott/amxosjdq
Curation reward: 0.00021461 NEOXAG for obaro/pwvhgizg
Curation reward: 0.00015836 NEOXAG for rialvocal/cmxthfmz
Curation reward: 0.00084614 NEOXAG for luisangelis/esp-eng-hermoso-dulcero-para-nino-beautiful-candy-box-for-child-luisangelis
Curation reward: 0.00063402 NEOXAG for luisangelis/esp-eng-te-enseno-a-realizar-una-flor-de-foami-i-teach-you-how-to-make-a-foami-flower-luisangelis
Curation reward: 0.00038052 NEOXAG for zullyscott/qeqgsncq
Curation reward: 0.00013786 NEOXAG for mayorkeys/rkcdpcfh
Curation reward: 0.00018031 NEOXAG for lecumberre/hive-open-mic-week-170-the-cocoa-original-el-cacao-original
Curation reward: 0.00015851 NEOXAG for karlex77/guwzgdqw
Curation reward: 0.00015113 NEOXAG for naradamoon/qlidvvcr
Curation reward: 0.00025205 NEOXAG for jasperdick/gdghfbxw
Author reward: 0.00848800 NEOXAG for centenorkelvin/rx8u6o
Curation reward: 0.00022832 NEOXAG for lecumberre/hive-open-mic-week-number-169-no-to-war-hive-open-mic-semana-numero-169-no-a-la-guerra-original-original
Curation reward: 0.00024562 NEOXAG for edgardsaxo/kccephac
Curation reward: 0.00026153 NEOXAG for cesarc/wivdyupg
Curation reward: 0.00022386 NEOXAG for mrcrack01/pgricmmv
Curation reward: 0.00019584 NEOXAG for theresa16/delicious-and-crunchy-rustic-baked-potatoes
Curation reward: 0.00064922 NEOXAG for lorimusic/mrzxggwq
Curation reward: 0.00017227 NEOXAG for jasperdick/ziqgsgtj
Author reward: 0.00722180 NEOXAG for centenorkelvin/rx0hch
Curation reward: 0.00020050 NEOXAG for solanaya94/zjueplxw
Curation reward: 0.00020199 NEOXAG for rafa06/vkukuhue
Curation reward: 0.00007397 NEOXAG for davidosunamusic/hitjxdsf
Author reward: 0.00022034 NEOXAG for centenorkelvin/rwvu5k
Curation reward: 0.00020259 NEOXAG for edgardsaxo/lwhkfdsm
Author reward: 0.00346945 NEOXAG for centenorkelvin/rwuwrs
Author reward: 0.00791288 NEOXAG for centenorkelvin/rwubnr
Curation reward: 0.00022864 NEOXAG for lecumberre/hive-open-mic-week-168-chick-little-chick-pichon-pichoncito
Curation reward: 0.00038433 NEOXAG for wbrandt/ooknyygx
Curation reward: 0.00012596 NEOXAG for edgardsaxo/wtkmsise
Curation reward: 0.00014175 NEOXAG for bethyjade/oumozqkm
Curation reward: 0.00016240 NEOXAG for
Curation reward: 0.00006274 NEOXAG for jesuslnrs/re-jessicaossom-rwo7os
Curation reward: 0.00021138 NEOXAG for jessicaossom/lwaptqbz
Author reward: 0.00265735 NEOXAG for centenorkelvin/rwllo0
Curation reward: 0.00018303 NEOXAG for nancybmp/pipaehgd
Curation reward: 0.00021187 NEOXAG for rialvocal/cfohyxmu
Curation reward: 0.00019420 NEOXAG for
Curation reward: 0.00038262 NEOXAG for artmedina/zfcskkzm
Received stake of 0.27485267 NEOXAG from neoxiantoken
Received 0.27485267 NEOXAG from neoxiantoken Here are your claimed tokens! (0.274853 more NEOXAG were added to NEOXAG POWER)