Mountain Hike with my Son and my Pet Negrito

Greetings friends from Hive, this is my first participation in the @mountaineering community, where I am going to share with you my mountain hike done with my son and my pet Negrito on Los Chivo hill, in the community of Villa de Cura, state Aragua, Venezuela.


I was going to do this training together with my wife, but after I couldn't go today, I thought about doing a long run up to the stones, but my 9-year-old son wanted to climb the mountain, so I reduced the run beyond the third rise, so as not to force the child.



We left the house at 5:00 pm in the afternoon, the weather was quite hot, the heat is already being felt because we are close to the month of April, where the heat is very strong, my pet also accompanies me on this walk Negrito, who loves to climb this mountain with me to enjoy the outdoors and nature.



At the entrance to the mountain, a person is in charge of filling the plastic pots with two liters of water, so that when the walkers start to climb, they take a pot to deposit it in a box that is on top of the first mountain, I took only one and put it in the box. On the first climb, my son began to run, he loves to jog up, it seems that he was dancing on the mountain, he also hydrated a bit because the heat is very strong.



After we passed the first mountain, the clock marked a time of 10 minutes, on the way we met other people who were walking with their daughter who was ahead. We then passed this person and I picked up the pace to move onto the second mountain. From this part you could see several people who were on top of the third mountain doing exercises on the bars.



It should be noted that we reached the third mountain with a time of 22 minutes. I met a friend who always accompanies me on these hiking adventures, this time he was doing a barbell exercise. My son rested for a few seconds and we continued our journey another fifty meters, where there is a small tree, where we both hydrated ourselves, and then I also put water on Negrito.



Now then we went back to the third mountain, where we rested for a few minutes because Negrito was a bit rushed due to the effort of the ascent and also because of the heat, so we stopped there to wait for my pet to recover and we also waited for the friend who was making bars.



We went down the mountain, I could see that at 6:00 in the afternoon is when more people go up, I imagine because the sun has gone down a bit and it feels less hot. I also saw a father who was teaching his son to water the plants that are around this mountain, this initiative to supply water to these plants is important because in the future these will be the big trees that will give us the shadows future for the benefit of all the people who live on this hiking trail.



I hope you liked this hiking route, in this beautiful mountain, see you in a next route.


@cetb2008 thank you for sharing your experience on the mountain top🤗 indeed, by just being at the peak gives you something to enjoy😁 hope to hear from you again 🤗


Greetings friend, thank you very much for your comment