Splinterlands Season Review

Another season has come and gone which means that it is time to review the season ending rewards cards as well as the DEC earnings for the season. As expected, I ended in Gold II.

It is quite an uphill struggle to finish in Gold I and to finish in Diamond I requires some rentals and a lot of luck as my cards are honestly not good enough.

Season ending rewards


550 DEC was pretty nice but the cards were pretty bad. One rare card out of 26 rewards chests.

DEC Earnings

Total DEC earnings for the season was 5,647.6. This was made up of:

  • Season ending rewards: 622
  • Ranked Battle Rewards: 3,289
  • Net rentals: 1,736.6

The rental market has been quite unstable, fluctuating wildly between extremes. Take Mylor Crowling for example. At one point, I could get 16 DEC for him. Now it is between 4 - 9 DEC. I should probably look at combining the cards since a higher level one is more rare and should be more resistant to the fluctuations.