Mirror – Wonderful Synthetics Assets on Terra Blockchain



It has been a while since I have taken the moment to write something about crypto. I face many personal issues in my life right now and taking care of my crypto kid full time left me not much time available.

At least I continue to produce 5 videos a week on my YouTube channel, but I am not satisfied with the current outcome. I know I can produce better stuff, boost my skill in video editing, and bring more value to the crypto community.

A fact about this outstanding space of crypto is I love it so much and want to keep going producing stuff. But I need to redefine myself and find a better strategy rapidly.

About Mirror DAPP

Mirror brings synthetic assets on the blockchain!

You can invest in fractional stocks without the need to own them physically. It is an evolution that is coming fast on the pipe that can even compete with the stock market soon.

Something you need to be aware of is you don’t own any equity, do not have the right to take part in shareholders’ meetings, and receive dividends from those synthetic assets.

The only way you can bet is with the price fluctuation and maybe you can make a decent profit along the way.

Mirror video I made

If you love watching a video, you can watch the one I made about Mirror DAPP on my YouTube channel Crypto & Coffee.

If you like it, I invite you to subscribe to it.


Tokenization of synthetic assets is a marvelous technology that might take the world by storm in the coming decade. We are not there yet, but the solution seems to show itself on the surface.

Like a patience iceberg!

The Mirror DAPP is functional and you can expose to synthetic stocks on the Terra blockchain!

Mirror website: https://mirror.finance/

YouTube channel Crypto & Coffee: https://www.youtube.com/c/ChesatochiCryptoCoffee