Hive, not just a coin but a safe haven




what a wonderful way to start a month, waking up to see the hive had made a wonderful percentage.
Hive started trading around $0.523 yesterday, At a point, the coin touched $0.541. However, the coin sustains its worth and at the time of writing, the coin is trading at around $0.7991. what a awesome gain of 52%. the most amazing part is that the overall market is down by 0.95%, we can see that anytime hive makes a pump, the overall market is always down, just in the previous pump it had 15.88% when the market is down by 3.3% Hive is still one of the best coins, according to its massive potential. The coin is yet to reach its worth. That's why they is a need to bag more Hive now. The way the Hive is growing we should see 2$ at the end of the year, and in years to come, we will be seeing the tendency of it to reach 10$-20$.
hive is not just another token, it a safe haven, where you can invest without minding the overall trend of the market.

hive 5.jpg


screen shoot from coin marketcap


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