The Essence of Engagement


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Engagement is the key factor to almost everything in life, mostly if you want to excel in this platform you must be part of it, engagement, in reality, can be called a relationship, my pastor normally says that everything in life is multiple by the essence of relationship.
A man can help someone on the street due to compassion, and of kind heart, but if that man offers to help more than one time, then it's not just a good-hearted man, but he has a relationship with that person, just like a father at home, he must provide meal for his family, and why is that Because he has a relationship with those people
If you want to excel in this sphere(HIVE), then you must work on these three things, which have been discuss on this platform

      1.  Quality post

      2.  Engagement

      3.  Consistency

Am not here to tell you what you already know, am here to tell you the essence of engagement, and how it goes a long way to make you get noticed. I have been on this platform for a while now, and I have come to understand the essence and the power of engagement.
As a newbie on hive, your first introductory post, it's suppose to serve as a welcome to the platform. where a lot of person will welcome and up vote you and others leaving a comment below, this introductory post is meant to encourage you to stay on the platform with proper guide it possible you can make a better reward, my introductory post i was voted $0.2 because I don't have a proper guidance before I upload, which I post it in my blog.
Now, when you have posted your introductory post, the mistake newbie always make is that they think that this is another web 2.0 platform that engagement doesn't really matter, so those people that leave a comment below if you don't response to that comment, you wouldn't see them again. Do you know what it mean for someone to take 3-7minute of their time to read your post and leave a comment, the least you can do is to response to does comment.
Quality post are good, but I have seen quality post that barely make 5cent, so as a newbie the fastest way to get notice by those that have been here for long, is by engagement, ensure you read a post completely and leave a nice comment below, HIVE is not another web 2.0. as you make penny from post you also makes from comment, engagement has made some people to notice me that,
it is few of my post they don't up vote, people like @zartisht, daltono and few other. Consistency is another great attribute that will speed up your growth here, people are consistent in various way, but to what extent, some people consistency make them to upload poor post, it is better to have two, or three quality post then to have seven post in a week which doesn't make sense, some people has master the act of consistency on a daily basis, and anytime they post, you no it quality they deliver. Daltono and tarazkp, has master the act of quality post on a daily basis
So in your way of trying to be consistent try and ensure that your post has quality.
I do work day and night shift, at night I have four hours resting time, and at day I have three hours resting time. So out of twenty-four hours I have seven hours to which I have to rest and engage on this platform.
So if everything multiple by the essence of the relationship, it can also be multiple by simply engaging.

Thanks, I will like to see your review, and contribution about this.