why we are here



Why we are here is the question we need to ask ourselves, like the saying when the purpose of something is not known abuse is inevitable, why we are here is a vital question we need to answer because it directs our focus, a lot of people have different reasons why they're on hive, some are here for the reward, some are here to engage and get socialize, while others are here to build the community, whichever reason you are here is what hive is built for, but focusing on a particular angle is the issue, web 3.0 platform like #hive are built to reward you for your effort, but if you are here for just the reward, you will easily get frustrated, as I said in @daltono post, when you are been rewarded for something you doing, it will increase your will to do more, imagine you are rewarded for what you love doing, it will make you go extend, those that are here to socialize and to build the community, if they get rewarded at the process it will strengthen their will to do more for the platform.
Hive is not as flexible as Twitter and Facebook and the rest, but methods are put in place by @Leofinance called the #Leothread, which was lunch 04/08/2022, one of the purposes of the Leo thread is to make the hive more social and more flexible, not just a platform that you can just post and comment only, but a place that to socialize become easier, I have made friends here on hive some had enlightened me on what to do as a beginner and others have become mentors here, but all this are achieved through the aim of Twitter and discord, so I think the introduction of the #Leothread will make the hive more social, and this innovation will increase the amount of user here on the hive as @tastmaster4450 said this will change the way the system works, so Leo thread is a great attribute to the hive.

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