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I wonder why guys normalize giving girls money. How can a guy who's been taken care of by his parents get trapped in the web of taking care of another being, especially a female kind. I can vividly remember God informing Adam that he'll send him an helper, someone to comfort him and I'm not talking about the Holy Spirit, I'm referring to the woman.

If the male gender had known that he'd have to pay for the services being assigned to the female, he surely would have opted to do it all by himself or get a cat to do it, because what do cats and women have in common?

The other day I got up pretty early in the bestest of moods ever. Rolled out of my duvet and went straight to get my teeth to smell good, had my bath and went in front of the mirror to style my hair. I hadn't seen anyone that beautiful in a long while, like look at the amazing eyebrows and the perfectly toned body skin with hairs perfectly drawn around the face. The world has got to see this! I told myself.

Then I brought out my iPhone xr (certainly not the worst camera in the world Lolz), switched it to my front camera and my God!

I almost dropped my phone, that certainly wasn't me! Something had to be wrong somewhere, I switched it to the back camera and found a good spot with enough sun smooching. Took some pretty great pictures and when it was time to view them, I almost gave up the ghost. I looked like pap didn't come with no milk and sugar.

Before this post I got called to book for parking outside my area of jurisdiction. I shouldn't have and I certainly could have avoided the ticket if only I'd read the signs. Looking back at the signs it says
"Only Monkeys allowed here, do not trespass"

Right, it makes a lot of sense.....but what I don't get is why I was given a banana by the guide when I entered and a note that said "don't get carried away".

The other day I saw pictures all over Facebook of Elon smiling gleefully at a robot female. I didn't quite understand that image until I read through the well written caption. Two thoughts crossed my mind after reading through it all.


men are Scum


men selfish

One is a phrase we're all used to hearing (I mean the mean folk and this time women don't classify as men), and it's one that every young boy would get used to hearing eventually. But why did I think that men are Scum?

Well look at it from this angle...
We've had the luxury of enjoying the company of the female gender and we've done it all, the good, the bad, and the unquestionable. And now that we're supposed to take responsibility for our actions, we've turned to robots. After all they don't nag, they don't ask for expensive gifts and they can't use child birth to black mail us. Looking back at it now, that's a lot of problems being solved.

Two actually hurts the most when I actually think of it. The last time I cried was when I discovered my last girlfriend had cheated on me. Just picture another guy enjoying your favorite delicacy. It's both painful and heartbreaking at the same time.

Elon thought far!

Now a man can have a woman (or a part metal lifeless creature) all to himself. No more heartbreaks, no more fear of loosing your favourite delicacy to someone else. I see why Elon still remains relevant in times like this.

Thank you for reading this, if you enjoyed it or it connected to you in a way, I invite you to drop a comment, I'll be glad to reply and Upvote for more content ❤️


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We are always called scum and scum😂😂..Never ending title and coronation