Only 60% of xpolyCUB remaining as 40% being Locked in vexPolyCUB; What Does this imply?



To the admins, curators,members and generally the leofinance lovers, good morning to you all, it's your friend @chizobe saying hello from this part of the world.

The introduction of the vexPolyCUB has created a deep insight in polyCUB and the leofinance community at large as it has started unveiling great investment patterns and platforms in polyCUB making and proving the fact that much lies to be benefited from leofinance community.

Notwithstanding the fact that this dip season has caused a deduction of the weight balance in crypto market and investors wallet at large both in leofinance tokens and other tokens in the hive block chain, still the routing of means to get much more back has been Unveiled but still it's piping out from the great polyCUB.

The leofinance community always innovating and much more proactive since I started believing and following the community has unveiled so many informations relative to finance view and much more crypto sphere. Though the price value of the polyCUB was much affected by the dip season still is this unveiling of vexPolyCUB a means to pack back the loss and have much more.

Implications of the percentage locked and Remaining in the polyCUB Token

According to the pst made during the unveiling of vexPolyCUB and already what is seen and been through with the polyCUB and xpolyCUB, making the following deduction from the percentages won't be a bad idea to understanding what is at stake and to be looked forward to in days or months or even years to come in regards of polyCUB and it's portfolios.

Since it's just not up to 96hours to the lunching of vexPolyCUB and already 40 percentage of xpolyCUB is been locked for this period of time,then polyCUB will be scarce soon if more investors buy into the idea of vexPolyCUB. Not only will it be scarce but the price tag is also affected as it will pave way for a bullish run greater than what is been seen at the moment.

The liquidity pools is been monitored, directed and benefit more to those that make hares while the sun shines as in during the unmasking of polyCUB and it's staking and locking.

The margin line between polyCUB and xpolyCUB is already evident enough as to the rate and inputs of its circulation and staking and then what is left to be staked much more.

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