DogeCoin Pump Will be The Start of Ultra Mega Altcoin Season 2022


Dogecoin is still waiting to start altcoin season 2022. Dogecoin is one of the greatest signal of the beginning of altcoin season. There are a few coins pumped more than 5x in a few days. Lots of coins are waiting to see Dogecoin pump.

Dogecoin price chart seems ultra mega bullish. I think It will pump in a few days. If Dogecoin price goes up 0.74 USD, It will be the trigger for big pump.

There is head and shoulders pattern on Dogecoin price chart and I waiting to put money to break up this great resistance...

Ekran Resmi 20220730 01.01.02.png

The first target of price is 0.11 USD! Maybe Elon Musk will support to break up this resistance..

Here is weekly chart of Dogecoin. It seems very bullish. Downtrend acceleration is decreasing step by step and It is time to reverse...

Weekly fisher Indicator is very bullish. It will be broken up in a few weeks later..

Ekran Resmi 20220730 01.02.05.png

I am following Dogecoin price everytime. I dont miss altcoin season.

We will see..

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