Hive Price Touched Great Resistance - Big Bang Coming Soon


Today, Hive price touched great resistance which is coming from the beginning of 2022. It is great resistance that will be crossed by support line where is coming from the bottom of Hive Price 0.13 USD...

I shared a post about Someting Huge coming for Hive price in August. I surprised today by seeing pump... It may be early..

Ekran Resmi 20220725 23.35.59.png

Weekly Price chart of Hive Price is ultra mega bullish. I cant imagine If Hive Price breaks up 0.60 USD...

Hive started long term bullish trend. I always say that Hive is market signal for me. So, Market may recover in a few months...

Ekran Resmi 20220725 23.35.30.png

I am very bullish for Hive Price. Technically, it is ultra mega bullish. It is also undervalued crypto!

We will see big bang soon.

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